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    Re: Nursing Reluctant Eater on Cue?

    My son is now 20 months and he has never been what I would call a "good eater" He didn't want anything to do with solids except play with them until he was about 10 months old and even then he would...
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    Re: trying desperately to build my supply!

    I have heard that skin on skin can do wonders for you and your baby. Maybe while you are spending time in bed you can go shirtless and keep baby in just a diaper and keep warm with the covers.
  3. Re: Will nipples be sore no matter what in the beginning?

    Mine were not sore in the first few days even though they were dry and kind of cracking, I used lansinoh to heal up the dryness, but when my milk came in my breasts were so full and "tight" that my...
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    Re: What am I doing wrong??!

    Have you tried different positions for breasfeeding? Maybe his tummy is too compressed in your usual bfding position. You could try side lying so his tummy is nice and extended or sitting him up on...
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    Re: what does "let-down" feel like?

    My let down feels like my breasts are having a contraction. They get very tight feeling all over and kind of hard and my nipples get really erect and thick and a little numb feeling. I liked Martha...
  6. Re: Nystatin cream or Miconazole for my nipples?

    You can also use gentian violet - you can get it at the health food store, it will stain your breasts purple and you babies mouth too, but its a good option to try before prescription medicines and...
  7. Re: About to start Solids - Excited! Need Advice!

    Do you have a copy of the Womanly art of Breastfeeding? It has a great seciton on starting solids. It recommends starting with bananna, avocado or sweet potato. Foods that have great nutritional...
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    Re: No sleep for 19 months!!!!!

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who wrote a response to my posting. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. When I brought the issue up in my last LLL meeting, nobody had any...
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    No sleep for 19 months!!!!!

    My 19 month old son will not sleep!! He was great at first, he went from a newborn waking every 2 hours, then every 3 hours, to a 4 month old waking every 45 minutes and its been like that ever...
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