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  1. Re: Doctor says cut back on nursing...need advice

    My DS was never interested in soft or pureed foods, he started showing interest in solids once he could pick up small pieces of food and feed himself. He went on his own pace and he is now 20 months...
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    Re: Breastfeeding past the age of two.

    My son is only 20 months right now but is still going strong, in a couple more months we will be tandem nursing. I'm meeting a need he has, he'll let me know when he's done, be that in 2 months or 2...
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    Re: nursing affecting fertility?

    I second the recommendation for "TCOYF"! I started charting when DS was about 10 months old and found out that, even though I was having 28 day cycles, I was ovulating on CD 22 and had a 6 day...
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    Re: Anyone b/f 19 months or older?

    No advice, but just wanted to let you know that I am nursing my 18 month old DS. I'm 22 weeks pregnant with #2 and he has showed no signs of slowing down, I plan on tandem nursing after the baby is...
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    Re: Struggling with an allergy

    What about soy proteins? A lot of babies that are sensitive to milk proteins are also sensitive to soy proteins. I found this out when I eliminated milk from my diet and replaced it with soy, only...
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    Re: Doesn't Like Cereal

    My DS never had cereal. When he was a little over 6 months I let him try some avocado as his first food. He wasn't interested until he was about 8.5 months and could feed himself little bites of...
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    Re: Guess I'll start this here party... :P

    Hi! I have a 16 month old son who is still nursing 5-8 times a day and am 13 weeks pregnant with #2. No supply issues yet, keeping my fingers crossed. I plan on tandem nursing with the new babe...
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