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  1. Need some sleep - - how would benedryl affect supply?

    I have a 23 month old who is still going strong with nursing and I have no desire to stop or reduce. Problem is I am not sleeping and haven't been for a long time except a couple hours at night. ...
  2. Re: Can't Ween off Nipple-shield. Help! (Sorry, long)

    I'm a success story, you can do it, it was hard for my baby to give it up too though. I successfully weaned off my nipple shields when lo was 4 mo. old and we're still nursing here at 19 months! It...
  3. Re: split spot on areola keeping me from nursing!

    Thank you, and about the infection I don't see any signs of infection, but I wonder if there could be something that just doesn't have any symptoms. BUT - - this side has been different from the...
  4. Re: desparate - should I try nipple shields?

    I would not be nursing today, at 19 months, if not for the nipple shield getting me through the pain in the beginning. I used them for a few days in the hospital and shortly after for latch problem,...
  5. Re: split spot on areola keeping me from nursing!

    I went 9 days without letting her nurse that side, then started by letting her nurse upside down so that her top teeth were on the bottom. That didn't work because her top teeth then bit into that...
  6. Re: voume to expect and supply question

    Thank you so much, you're saying that the supply should pick back up when she starts nursing so that is great news, I didn't know that, I thought once you lost it at this point it might be gone for...
  7. voume to expect and supply question

    I haven't had any response to this post on the 12 mo+ area and just realized I might be more likely to get information from this pumping forum which I just realized is here, so most of the following...
  8. Re: split spot on areola keeping me from nursing!

    Thank you for the support. I am going on my 5th day now resting that side, although pumping several times a day. The pumping doesn't open up the gash, but I do notice that there is blood along the...
  9. Re: Bitten by my 20 month old, not healing..

    Have you tried a nipple shield over the wound? I'm having a similar problem, I was bitten by my lo weeks ago and the wound will not heal. So far I'm not having any luck getting her to use the shield...
  10. Re: split spot on areola keeping me from nursing!

    One more thing. I have tried putting my just pumped breast milk in the nipple shield to coax her to try it. I've tried just offering her the breast with the nipple shield when I know she's hungry,...
  11. Re: split spot on areola keeping me from nursing!

    Thank you mommal. I am on my second day this time of having her off that side and it is closed up and looks better. I really dread testing it but may do so tonight or I may wait for another day if...
  12. split spot on areola keeping me from nursing!

    I have a 19 month old. I've had a split open spot on one areola that is causing severe pain. I think it was orignally caused by her teeth weeks ago, her biting down on me after she fell asleep and...
  13. When do you have to start giving water?

    I logged on the site because I got worried after reading an article about how much liquid your baby should have. My baby just turned one and breastfeeds any time she wants, which is often, but we...
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    Re: Sleeping and weaning?

    I'm in a similar boat. We co sleep with our 11 month old baby and co sleeping is wonderful for nursing her, I can't imagine getting up every time she wants to nurse, because sometimes it seems like...
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    Re: Hates being covered

    The cover that I got that had the wire that pops out was very inexpensive, it was one of those deals where you only paid shipping, I got an email with the offer while I was pregnant. I can't...
  16. Re: Fussy, unhappy, constant pain during the day and while s

    Is it more on one side or the other? I don't have much advice because I never figured out my problem for sure but wanted to say that we went through what sounds like the same thing and it passed...
  17. Re: This HURTS! What's going on?

    I've had that twice and it is so painful, and scary because I was also afraid it was or would turn into mastitis. Both times mine had one large lump so I could tell right where the problem was. ...
  18. Is flu shot safe while breast feeding?

    Is it safe to receive the flu shot while breastfeeding? My baby is 11 months old now but still breastfeeding heavily. Thanks for any oppinions!
  19. Re: What is the site calendar for?

    FOR, not fo! :o
  20. What is the site calendar for?

    Hi - I clicked on the calendar on this site. It has people's names on it - what does it mean? Also, along the same line, is there a spot on the website that explains things like this - where...
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    Re: Breastfeeding and Cosleeping

    And like you, I wanted to use the pacifier to reduce risk of SIDS, but since I am using the shield which is already on the list of things that could potentially reduce milk supply, I haven't wanted...
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    Re: Breastfeeding and Cosleeping

    When I was in the hospital, the LC there told me that there are 2 exceptions to the "never on the tummy rule" and that one of those is when she is on her tummy ON TOP OF ME. I can't remember the...
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    Re: Wife has painful feedings

    Oh, and I just saw mommal's post and I totally agree to get good guidance from someone with more experience than me. I only had my baby 11 weeks ago and it's all new! I only know what I've...
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    Re: Wife has painful feedings

    Also meant to say that I also had the blisters, from what I learned it was from "blanching", the baby wasn't putting the whole nipple/aerola into her mouth in order to massage the milk out properly,...
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    Re: Wife has painful feedings

    Hi - I have an 11 week old who almost became a formula fed baby because of my pain. It was unbearable and I was crying like you describe your wife doing. I was stifling screams at the point of...
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