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  1. Re: Please Help...HORRIBLE BF experience....warning....horror story ahead

    :hug: Not every woman has such a difficult time. I am sorry you did. :( That said, every breastfeeding relationship is different. It doesn't have to be that way next time. Start setting up your...
  2. Re: DD can't live on just cheese and cheerios...

    Show her how to dip those dry things. Babies and toddlers love dip! Hummus and yogurt make great dips. Hummus, especially, since it sticks.
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    Re: Help- Have the flu!!

    FYI for any moms in this situation in the future, Tamiflu has only been shown to decrease the duration of the flu by about one day. If I had to decide, I would choose breastfeeding. The benefits...
  4. Re: Dr. prescribed vitamins for breast fed baby

    Warning, OT rant ahead! And totally directed at the manufacturer and not the PP. :gvibes

    While I do like the idea of giving just the one vitamin a baby may need, I disagree with the way they are...
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    Re: how to night wean?

    I've heard Lily Padz are great for situations like what you described. Chances are very good that when you significantly decrease nursing by going back to work, that your leaking issues will also...
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    Re: CONSTIPATED... :o(

    As long as the poo is still soft, it's not constipation. Constipation is small hard pellets and extremely rare in exclusively breastfed babies.
  7. Re: how to weaning a very attached bf baby?

    An excellent book for you would be How Weaning Happens.

    You also might like to read the weaning section here:

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    Re: What's the best 1st food to try?

    We liked bananas or avocado. :)
  9. Re: LO is past 6mos & still EBF... should we start solids?

    Yes! This is exactly how it worked with my daughter. She always coughed it up if she gagged on it. I know it sounds scary, but once she gagged on a piece of food and it made her throw up (she was...
  10. Re: LO is past 6mos & still EBF... should we start solids?

    kandylee, I did the BLS with my two youngest children. My 18 mo was the only one who didn't start on their own at 6 months. She mostly played with her food. :p She has gagged on some food, but has...
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    Re: Not enough stools?

    Breastfed babies can go as long as 21 days without a stool at your dd's age! Don't worry. ;)

    It's not constipation unless the stools are hard pellets. When the baby has a bowel movement and...
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    Re: vit d dosage?

    I could be wrong, but I don't think fish oil is advised for young babies. Do you live in a climate that would warrant vitamin D supplements? Have you considered taking the supplement yourself so...
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    Re: About to give up...

    I would highly recommend seeing an IBCLC before going to the prescriptions. I've not read any of your past posts, so I don't know if you've done that or not. Maybe you can arrange a meeting with a...
  14. Re: Is bf just for expense enough to continue?

    Way to be supportive, dh! :D You ARE doing well. Hang in there. Setting small goals then reevaluating and setting a new goal is one of the easiest ways to get through the early weeks. When you...
  15. Re: Is bf just for expense enough to continue?

    It sounds like you are so tired, and your baby is only 3 weeks old, so no wonder! The first few weeks are the hardest. You are almost past the toughest point! When my third baby was born, my other...
  16. Re: WHY do moms say Rice cereal no nut. value?

    Dinnertime is always a family event at our house, even when my first was a baby. I found that all of my children were interested in what was going on at the dinner table around 4-5 months, but it...
  17. Re: WHY do moms say Rice cereal no nut. value?

    :ita Here's some info on why it's a good idea to delay solids until they are ready:

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    Re: Do you agree with this?

    No, I do not agree with that approach. Rice cereal is highly processed and not a good food for babies despite the continued recommendation from pediatricians. Here are some links that might be...
  19. Re: Cosleeping linked to increased infant deaths in Milwaukee

    Statistically, breastfeeding rates are also very low for communities with lower economic status, substance abuse, and less education. Lack of breastfeeding increases the rate of SIDS. SIDS doesn't...
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    Re: nothing but fear!

    Yes, they are usually their personal numbers. Please call one of them. They are volunteers and use their own phone numbers to help, but they can only help you if you call! :)
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    Re: BLW and Choking

    We've never had an issue either. Just the other day, a piece of food was gagging her, but she was coughing it up. I was just about to turn her over to get it out, when she coughed it out on her own.
  22. Re: Cosleeping linked to increased infant deaths in Milwaukee

    I would want to know the city's rate of SIDS/entrapment for babies not cosleeping. Pretty sure it's much, much higher.

    Cosleeping and crib sleeping must be done safely. If it's done safely,...
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    Re: nothing but fear!

    Any updates after talking to a Leader?
  24. Re: How would you go about partial weaning?

    Have you considered giving the baby formula while you are apart and nursing when you are together? Breastfeeding doesn't have to be all or nothing.
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    Re: nothing but fear!

    I would recommend calling a leader first. Most breastfeeding issues can be resolved with their help. A leader knows when to refer a mother to an IBCLC for more help.

    I am assuming you are in...
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