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    Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    My 19 month olds eat great, most of the time. My 4 year old, not so much. Our pediatrician gave me great advice: "You decide what goes on her plate, she decides how much she eats, if anything." Sure...
  2. Re: Dropped last session - what happens now?

    With my first, I didn't have any fullness when we were done. She was pretty gradual, but I was having supply trouble in the first place, so I don't have any advice there. As far as what to feed first...
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    Poll: Re: who has 'caries'??

    I voted yes, and that we night nurse, but it is brief. Only Sophia has them, and she nurses a few minutes and goes back to sleep, and only about 1 or 2 times a night. Now it is down to almost no...
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    Re: Weaning cold turkey

    Haven't done it. I felt two months was too fast for my first... And the twins are weaning themselves ever so slowly. However, I have a friend that did it, unintentionally, I guess. Her son was 16...
  5. Re: Petite baby who nurses a lot at night

    My Sophie sounds a lot like your little one. She is 18 months old and 17 lbs. She JUST started sleeping all night. I'm holding my breath, because it's only been two weeks...
    At any rate, she is...
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    Re: Straw Cup-am I Missing Something?

    Ours worked that way at first, as well. They get easier and easier with use and hot water washing, as well as the little surgery you performed. I've done that with a few of ours.
  7. Re: Please get your toe out of my ear...

    That mole is not a piece of food to eat, stop pulling your sister's pigtails, Sophie, stop digging in your brother's eyes, Josiah, stop pinching my neck, if you must stand up, please let go first,...
  8. Poll: Re: Are outside influences encouraging you to wean?

    I voted yes, not because I am experiencing pressure from family or friends, exactly. It's hard to put into words. I am not putting any pressure on the twins to wean. I am just gradually not offering...
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    Re: Mangos

    Mango shouldn't constipate. It's very mild. All of my kids have loved it!
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    Re: Breast affection...

    Josiah finished nursing last night, climbed down from my lap, came back and kissed my nipple, smiled, and went back to whatever toy he had been going for.
  11. Re: Should I bring my pump to the hospital?

    My firstborn was born in a hospital that provided pumps, no extra charge. My twins were born in a hospital where I would have to rent the pump for the time I used it. I opted to have my husband bring...
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    Re: ouch letdown!?!?

    I don't have advice on the block feeding, but the tingling sensation is normal, and I usually feel it more if my breasts are more full. It is also normal to let down on the other side at the same...
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    Re: letdown sensation...

    I have so been there! When the twins were younger, it would happen in the grocery store, at church, wherever a baby was crying. My own kids are not big criers, and I typically start feeding them...
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    Re: Throwing In The Towel

    Oh Mama, I know right where you are. I felt that way with my firstborn, who wasn't even a preemie! I challenges for different reasons, but 10-12 times a day, we were both in tears over nursing! We...
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    Re: avocado??

    It's an excellent first food for baby. Full of good fats. I wouldn't add any lemon until after your baby is one. It does turn brown, but I think it just bothers us because we see it. The flavor is...
  16. Re: Hand, Foot, Mouth disease,Now won't Nurse...Help!

    Mine have all had it... Yay. She probably has sores in her mouth. Eszter only got the sores WAY back in her throat, but they can be on the tongue or in the cheeks, too. The twins were not into...
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    Re: Why are they so negative??!!

    I am so sorry about your experience.
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    Re: Now... don't hate on me.... but

  19. Re: Nursing a toddler in public/around others...

    Mine are 15 months, and I still do it wherever, but Sophia actually does not tolerate nursing in public. She has to be in on the action. I usually find a private place to feed her. Josiah is...
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    Re: Raw Vegetables

    You can also check your soil and grow them yourself. Mine grow like weeds. Literally, I am finding all over the yard!
    As far as raw veggies go, though, I about had a heart attack when my friend told...
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    Re: Annoyed re: dental issues

    Oh, Andrea, I am so with you on being tired of all the issues. I'm sorry! Amoxicillan can cause the staining, too. If taken during tooth formation. I am also waiting to be able to take Sophia to the...
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    Re: What if it all goes wrong?

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Way to go thinking this through ahead of time! My twins were 5 weeks premature. I went into labor at 31 weeks, but they managed to stop it and kept me in the...
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    Re: Just curious, a thought...

    My husband is supportive, but it freaked him out awhile back when I started to lift my shirt and my son squealed and speed crawled over to me, laughing while he latched on. He said, "time to wean."...
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    Re: Dental decay....?

    I haven't yet taken our daughter in to the dentist for this, but... She has yellow spots on the front of both of her front teeth. The pediatrician said it is from the antibiotics she was on while...
  25. Re: For anyone who wants to share their success story...

    I think each woman on earth that has nursed a child has some sort of obstacle they overcame to do it, even those in supportive cultures! I'll briefly share mine, and hope that it encourages you. You...
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