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    Re: how to build up a stock ?

    I never pumped in public with my first. Even when he nursed for an hr at a time, I would sit in a bathroom if necessary.
    With my second, I had no choice- My two- year old could not stay in the...
  2. Re: Not pumping enough to meet baby's demand

    I empathize. It might be worth renting a really good pump and see if that helps you produce more milk. If the pump makes a difference you can buy a different one. After having 2 bf babies and then 1...
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    Should I buy a Hygeia breast pump?

    I just found out about the Hygeia from this forum. I am expecting my 4th G-d willing and want to buy a new pump. In the past I used a Medela Pump in Style Advanced. I don't usually have an abundance...
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