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    Nursing until 12 months?

    My baby is now seven and a half months.

    Does anyone know if it is beneficial to continue nursing until he is one year? What are the benefits after six months?

    I am very open to continue if...
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    Re: 8oz bottles?

    My seven month old takes three 4 oz. bottles of expressed breast milk at daycare, along with a fruit in the morning and a veggie in the afternoons. When he is with me he nurses and has dinner at...
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    Re: One boob makes more milk

    I have the same issue...most women have one breast that is larger than the other...it must just be more pronounced when breastfeeding. It shouldn't be a problem...just more milk for baby!
  4. Re: Six Months Old...should I supplement?

    So, 12 oz should be enough for the whole day? I was sending in 15 oz per day and they asked me to bring another bottle - they feed him every two and a half hours...and at home he does not eat that...
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    Re: new here and have a question

    My doctor put me on the same thing. She says that it is safe for the baby - the other type of pill with estrogen is not.

    I have also heard/read that the amount of medication that would get to...
  6. Re: Six Months Old...should I supplement?

    I take 4 five oz. bottles to daycare and one container of fruit or veggies.....so 20 oz.

    In the evenings I will feed him dinner - a fruit AND a veggie and then nurse him about 8 p.m. before he...
  7. Re: Six Months Old...should I supplement?

    I haven't. I will try that. I just remember the LC at the hospital told me to pump for 20 minutes every 2 hours to establish my supply - and that worked great, but like I said, I just can't do that...
  8. Re: Six Months Old...should I supplement?

    I am away from him for 8 hours every day except for Fridays.
  9. Re: Six Months Old...should I supplement?

    No where to pump at work...:cry
  10. Six Months Old...should I supplement?

    I have been breastfeeding my 6 month old exclusively since birth.

    Before I went back to work (when he was 12 weeks), I had my freezer stocked up with probably 40 8 oz. bags of breastmilk - I was...
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