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    Re: URGENT Need help!

    Ok, so I went to work today, and left some BM in the fridge hoping it was enough... got a urgent call at 3:40... baby is out of milk for his next feeding. Luckily my job is flexible and I could leave...
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    URGENT Need help!

    My son is 4 1/2 months and we have been exclusively breastfeeding. He was in the NICU so I pumped every two hours and had an huge supply in the freezer. I went back to work six weeks ago, but had...
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    Re: Foods to help increase milk supply?

    I do not know what foods are good, but the LC told me that if I rent a hospital grade pump and pump for a couples of days, my milk supply would increase. Hope this information helps.

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    Re: Baby has Thrush and Will Not Feed

    Wake her up by takign all her clothes off and puttign her to breast. When she falls asleep on the breast, tickle the bottom of her feet or her chin, that should trigger the suck reflex. My son was...
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    Re: I have a confession...

    I am in a similar position. My son was premature and my husband is picking up extra hours for me to stary home til the date that I was technically supposed to back to waork if he had been born on...
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    Re: Pain at Latch


    My son was born 2/15/08 and hen he latches on it hurts like a stabbing feeling, sometimes at the nipple and sometimes it feels deeper. I was told it could be that I have a big let down and the...
  7. Eating, wanting more and spitting up...

    Ok, so I have cut down on the neosure on my own account- hoepfully with baby boy bf mostly and only taking fortified breast milk 2-3 times a day he will continue to gain weight. But I have a...
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    Re: Pacifier or not?

    when my baby was in the nicu, the neonatologist and nuses said it was now recomended to have a paci to sleep since it helps with sids. my baby is a premie three week old that has had a paci since...
  9. Re: New baby and lots of questions... Please help!

    He is nursing about every 1.5 hours. When I bottle feed I do pump but not consistently since he is eating so often, I had thought "why pump if he is going to eat here in a couple of minutes"......
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    Re: Please help, 2wk old.

    I met with a lactation consultant and asked he why my little one fussed before latching. One of the things was my over production of milk at the time, and it was a little much initially for him to...
  11. New baby and lots of questions... Please help!


    Here I go. I have a premature baby that is now 20 days old. he was in the NICU for 14 days where he was started on Neosure 22 calorie in breastmilk. I was so engored I was pumping every 2...
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