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  1. Re: os/oald/protein intolerance?? TWINS

    Good and bad news.....i am about 99% sure it is because of dairy. I wasn't entirely sure that eliminating it helped much, but i reintroduced it and it has been screamfest 2013 here. Back to dairy...
  2. Re: os/oald/protein intolerance?? TWINS

    I found the multiples.forum! It only shows up.when.i.am.signed.in.

    I just do.not.want.to believe that this.is.their.temperament. Ii.woukd.wqnt to.drive off the cliff.if that is.the caee :). ...
  3. Re: os/oald/protein intolerance?? TWINS

    No migraines here :(
    Originally i only.eliminated obvious dairy, but i have been.really diligent about the hidden for the.last 3 weeks or.ao (maybe more).

    It could be soy or...
  4. Re: os/oald/protein intolerance?? TWINS

    The thing is that i have been off.dairy for at least a month. I.don't.think.it has made.much of.a.difference, yet i.am.scared.to.reintroduce.it. my husband agrees that something.is.not.right, but...
  5. Re: os/oald/protein intolerance?? TWINS

    No..they.are generally unhappy.whenever they are awake unless.nursing.or.being carried (and being carried is hit.or.miss). They wake up.crying.and it.continues.all day. Equally bad all day. They...
  6. Re: os/oald/protein intolerance?? TWINS

    Where is the nursing.multiples.forum? I have looked for.it, having.seen.it.mentioned, to no.avail.

    I.could.live with the spit up and.weird.poop if it.weren't for the incessant fussiness. They...
  7. Re: os/oald/protein intolerance?? TWINS

    I.would agree that fussiness.is.the big problem...with the constant.spit.up and.weird poop as the #2. Most.of.the mspi signs do.not apply. Their skin.is.fine, they gain well. They just...
  8. Re: os/oald/protein intolerance?? TWINS

    I just wanted to.add that these are my 3rd and 4th kids. I breastfed my other kids.with NO.problems. There are.no.allergies.in the family and.they have been.able.to.eat everything with no.issue.
  9. os/oald/protein intolerance?? TWINS

    I am so frustrated b/c i can't figure out what is wrong with my four month old.twins (two.months adjusted). They were born 9weeks early and.spent 6wks in the nicu. They got pumped milk, maybe once...
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