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  1. Re: Returning to work and BFing (He's 15 mos)

    UPDATE: Today was my first day. So far dh tells me ds only had a lil crying spell once he woke up from his after noon nap. He said it went well and my job went well too!

    Here's to hoping the rest...
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    Re: Rough mornings - any suggestions

    *hugs* mamas!

    I'm starting on monday. i'm sooo nervous.
  3. Re: Daycare says breastfeeding over lunch will be an inconvenience

    I agree with you!

    I'm glad you changed providers.
  4. Re: Returning to work and BFing (He's 15 mos)

    Yea I'm not going to intentionally wean him. I'm wanting him to self-wean.

    I can't work parttime at my job tho. Its a full time position.

    Uggghhh Monday is too soon.
  5. Re: Returning to work and BFing (He's 15 mos)

    ok... i'll just try and chill.
  6. Re: Terrified about going back to work

    we have almost the same post! Good luck mama!

    I'm starting back to work on Jan 8th.
  7. Re: Returning to work and BFing (He's 15 mos)

    Thanks for the advice.

    I return to work on Jan 8th. I have been noticing all the times he BFs when I'm home all day. Its pretty much all day (almost every 2 or so hours). How is he going to handle...
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    Re: How do you do it? *vent*

    I'm reading this thread cuz I need the same words of encouragement as well. You guys are caring bunch! :)
  9. Returning to work and BFing (He's 15 mos)

    I think I probably just need to talk to someone in person but don't know any LLL leaders here in Az.

    So my question is regarding returning to work. I am hopefully starting a job in January and...
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    Should I go or Should I stay?

    Ok I have an issue. I guess it involves pumping because I will be pumping when I'm away and before I go (if I go).

    So, my girlfriends are meeting up in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2 weeks. I really...
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    Re: Night Out?

    I haven't had a night away from ds since he was born. He's almost 9 mos. I hope it worked out for you. My bday is coming up and I want to do something w/dh and my mom will probably watch ds. So cross...
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    Re: How often for a 6 month old?

    If they're hard and dry what does that mean?
  13. Re: still not eating much solids at 11 months

    My ds is the same way. He's going to be 9 mos this week and he doesn't really eat solids at all. Occasionally he'll grab something off my plate but won't stick it in his mouth.

    I feel like you...
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    Re: Nipples too big?

    I'm just sad for her that her LC gave her some silly excuse to help justify her quitting BF and didn't try to hand hold her through the tough part. :(
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    Nipples too big?

    ** I didn't know where to post this so I stuck it here. Mods feel free to move it.

    So here's my question and the situation surrounding it...

    Ok My SIL has a new baby and she said she tried to...
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    Re: help i want a nite out!

    yea I guess I could take a test-drive. We tried when he was 4 mos and my mom called to say he was hungry and wouldn't eat sooo hopefully this time will be better.
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    Re: 6 mos old ready for solids...

    Thanks for your help! I'll be checking back.
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    Re: help i want a nite out!

    I could just go hand express some milk for comfort and pump once I get home unless he's hungry. I don't know... I really want to go out. haha isn't that sad?
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    Re: help i want a nite out!

    yes. I live 30 mins away from everything.
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    help i want a nite out!

    What do you guys suggest? My baby is EBF and doesn't take a bottle and I want to go out with some buddies until 2 in the morning. Non-alcoholic night of course but getting out will be 1st time since...
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    6 mos old ready for solids...

    Does any one have any hints on food to give him? I have read on this board to give him avocado, quinoa and sweet potato. How do I prepare them? What other foods are good to use as 1st foods?
  22. Re: Nipple recommendations for feeding EBM

    has anybody used these?
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    Re: Bottle strike

    I'm taking classes and my dh brings our son to school for my break. He won't take a bottle or sippy cup. But we recently learned he'll drink from a syringe.
  24. Re: hungry hungry hippo

    Aw these are so touching.

    I love it when my son can't stop smiling when he's nursing and milk gets all over his face. He'll even start giggling and then he'll nurse again but he'll have to pause...
  25. Re: I'm New, but is he having a nursing strike?

    Well he decided to eat. Saturday he started eating when we drove around. I know I know about the safety laws and everything but it was the only way he'd eat. But after that all day ... sunday he...
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