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  1. Re: 35 week preterm baby need help pleas

    I have been doing every two hours the last two days and hes never frantic at the breast he just falls asleep and will not suck but he latches on very well. I'm hoping with
    patience and time it just...
  2. Re: 35 week preterm baby need help pleas

    Anthony is 14 days old he has been home for four days. I had to start to pump in the hospital right away because I couldnt hold him the first couple days. He had an NG tube untile he pulled it out...
  3. Re: 35 week preterm baby need help pleas

    Thank you everyone... Today he nursed very well and other days nothing.... Yes he his home, Im nursing him every two to three hours then I usually have to give him a bottle of what I have pumped...
  4. 35 week preterm baby need help please

    I was induced at 35 weeks and 5 days. I had to have an emergancy csection because
    my non stress test showed that my sons heart rate was dropping into the 60s for 5 min time periods. I was a...
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