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    Re: Jaundice

    Just want to remind that any time supplements are given in any amount it is very important mom pumps with a well working and fitted pump and/or hand expresses so that milk removal continues at the...
  2. Re: Mastitis, nipple bleb, thursh? I am so confused, please

    That sounds like blebs to me.
    It is a little strange that it is happening on both breasts at exactly the same place but otherwise that's what it sounds the most like in my opinion. Blebs can be very...
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    Re: problems letting down milk

    Lots of poop is usually considered a good sign in the first several weeks. It usually means baby is getting plenty of milk, which is good, even if there are other issues. 3-5 times a day is the...
  4. Re: Is baby being overfed at daycare? And what to do about i

    Just a couple of points. Paced bottle feeding does not mean that the caregiver holds baby. (EDIT: Yes of course they hold the baby while feeding, but there is way more to it.) It is also not...
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    Re: Jaundice

    I think that if there is enough concerned about jaundice that a serious intervention like formula is being considered, then you have the right to ask for testing to see if the numbers are actually...
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    Re: Managing oversupply and the pain

    Hi. First you should know it is pretty common to have more abundant milk with second, third, etc. baby.

    It is fine for your baby to nurse a short period of time, assuming she is getting enough...
  7. Re: Newborn baby nurses but doesn't get full

    It is generally suggested that pacifiers are avoided or used only minimally while there are any breastfeeding issues, no matter what age. But on the other hand, sometimes pacifiers can be helpful in...
  8. Re: My first breasfeeding problem: Fussy newborn with diarrh

    If you are not sure whether or not your baby is gaining normally than that is something you want to check out. If a baby is gaining poorly that would possibly indicate that mom does not make enough...
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    Re: Parsley Leaf

    If you can tell the forum more about your situation that may help. Many moms see a decline in milk production for various reasons, and in many cases, what appears to be a decline is actually a false...
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    Re: 11 Month old won't eat solids

    I suggest the book My Child Won't Eat by Carlos Gonzalez, a pediatrician. It is not a book about how to make kids eat, in fact, he mostly suggests to NOT try to make a child eat. Rather, he explains...
  11. Re: How does DH/MIL replace comfort nursing when I'm at work

    I think the premise is incorrect. It is being assumed baby cannot be consoled when you are not there because baby is breastfed. Maybe baby is crying because baby misses mom. Studies have indicated...
  12. Re: DESPARATE! nursing over 9 weeks and still getting milk b

    Oh ok, thanks mommal, that makes sense.

    An IBCLC is an international board certified lactation consultant who has the training and clinical expertise to assess (and hopefully solve) lactation...
  13. Re: New born 1 week old having trouble latching on

    Ooops, I should have said that if mom is engorged and mom cannot get baby to nurse enough to prevent this, that is another time pumping a little bit of milk at a time in order to relieve engorgement...
  14. Re: New born 1 week old having trouble latching on

    Ok. If baby is pooping a ton, that is a good sign baby is getting enough milk. You can be sure about this by looking at weight gain and seeing if it is normal.

    I am sorry if what I said about...
  15. Re: nursing on demand? provide enough fore and hind milk?

    if you like, you can see my rant about foremilk/hindmilk misinformation here: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?121012-Brief-frequent-nursing-w-pacification-amp-random-green-stools post 4
  16. Re: DESPARATE! nursing over 9 weeks and still getting milk b

    I agree with mommal about latch. i'm pretty sure a bleb and a plugged pore are the same thing? no? help.

    Some moms get friction blisters, which are different.

    yes Have you ever lifted the...
  17. Re: New born 1 week old having trouble latching on

    engorgement and rps

    many latch and positioning ideas http://feedthebabyllc.com/latch-and-positioning/

    laid back...
  18. Re: New born 1 week old having trouble latching on

    Hi anorton. Your baby is very young. It can take time for mom and baby to figure out nursing.
    How is babies output (poops?) has baby started regaining weight (newborns typically lose weight at...
  19. Re: 3 1/2 week old not up to birth weight yet

    Good question by mommal. If she was a week old the extreme sleepiness would make more sense. It seems more unusual that a 3 week old was impossible to arouse during such a long sleep stretch.
    Is the...
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    Re: Low Supply in Afternoon

    I agree with mommal. How much does doc think baby should weigh?
    tclynx has many good ideas for increasing milk production and increasing milk into baby.
    But there is no such thing as low milk...
  21. Re: Nursing strike - getting frustrated and tired, help need

    is baby fussy or crying or difficult to console in general at this time? If so, that could indicate colic, which I know is not a very helpful idea as there is not much to be done in that case aside...
  22. Re: 3 1/2 week old not up to birth weight yet

    What was the lowest weight? What do the weekly checks indicate? as time goes on, Is baby gaining better, worse, staying the same, losing weight? has supplementing with your own milk made any...
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    Re: Sucking But Not Swallowing?

    Were you taught by your IBCLC how to give supplemental bottles? See http://www.llli.org/docs/0000000000000001WAB/WAB_Tear_sheet_Toolkit/22_bfabreastfedbaby.pdf and...
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    Re: Sucking But Not Swallowing?

    Ok Hilary, thanks.
    First you should know this is my last day on these forums. If you look at my thread in the "introductions" forum you will see why. I saw your post and had to respond because I...
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    Re: Abrupt weaning necessary?

    :ita maybe try to Offer some super special thing(s) she does not usually get for on the plane. Toy, food, game on your phone or device etc. Also, if she cannot nurse, Lollypops are good for ear...
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