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  1. Re: Feeling attacked by husband, dentist, and doctor

    Toddlers manipulate, huh? Who knew! What exactly does night feeding have to do with that? You decide what you let your child do, and you not setting a limit for night feeding doesn't make your...
  2. Re: Low Supply AFTER the weekend with no pumping

    Ugh! I hate the pump! But maybe you are right and I need to do a pump or two over the weekend. I would just offer to nurse more often, but she is not into comfort nursing (prefers her thumb to me,...
  3. Low Supply AFTER the weekend with no pumping

    When I was working full time and pumping for my son a few years ago, I used the weekends to increase my supply by nursing frequently all weekend long. Usually my pumping output would be highest on...
  4. Re: Milk fat stuck to bottle during transfer

    I find it helps to leave the bottles out on the counter for a few minutes before swirling.
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    Re: Pumping - one side or both?

    I would pump both sides. I also had oversupply with my first and both my first and my current only nurse one side per session. I found that if I pumped just one side I would end up leaking on the...
  6. Re: My breastfed baby has an ear infection

    I am going to parrot maddieb, if baby is still suffering after 4 days, then it was not due to a bacterial ear infection, however, you should still finish the entire course of antibiotics. Once...
  7. Re: Stress and breastfeeding 5 month old.

    Co-sleeping isn't an all or nothing idea. A lot of moms on this forum, like me, start the night with baby in their crib then upon the first night waking they bring baby into their bed for the rest...
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    Re: Gas and spit up. Normal?.

    Sometimes a mother's milk supply can get to be too much during the first few months of nursing, which can lead to lots of spit ups. Milk supply can get be up and down during these first few months...
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    Re: profuse sweating while nursing

    babies sweat a lot from their heads, so it ends up looking like they are sweating a lot. Sometime after 8 months old or so, my son used to wake up from every nap with soaked hair. Profuse sweating...
  10. Re: skip out on dairy and water til one year old?

    I followed the advice in Gill Rapley's book Baby Led Weaning. She advises to give a cup of water with a "solids" meal. Why no sippy until a year?
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    Re: Pumping at Work

    The difference between 3.5oz and 4oz could vary between different bottle brands, too. For instance, the bottles I pump into I have to collect up to the 4.5oz mark to equal 4oz in the bottle DD eats...
  12. Re: 'Following a letdown' when pumping?

    I like the automatic let down feature on the PISA. That is my only complaint about my Hygeia, that the highest speed isn't as good at letdown as the Medela PISA letdown button. That is strange that...
  13. Re: Transition to solids at daycare

    I continued to send the same amount of milk up until my son switched to cows milk around 13 months. The reason I did that is because he continued to drink all of his bottles every day. I decided...
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    Re: can it be kept?

    Ooo, that is a tough one. It would probably be okay until Tuesday because, as DJs.mom says, it wasn't previously frozen. The bigger question in my mind is, how long was it on the counter? I would...
  15. Re: doctor's visit left me angry and wondering...am I wrong?

    My pediatrician always told us the important number is the hours of combined total sleep, not the hours of straight sleep at night. And yes, at that age babies are physically capable of sleeping...
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    Re: Return to work pump ?

    Both of my kids only ate on side per session as well. I have a tendency for oversupply, too.

    At work I pump both sides twice, getting a few extra ounces most days, too. I don't know about you,...
  17. Re: Newborn not staying awake to nurse

    I had this problem with my first born and was advised by an LC to nurse AT LEAST every 2 hours, even at night, and top him off with an ounce of expressed milk. We continued to use all of the stay...
  18. Re: Nursing at night causing growth delay?

    My pediatrician always told me that the overall hours of sleep is more important that the hours of sleep per night. Babies and toddlers have different sleep cycles than adults and can get away with...
  19. Re: 5 ½ mo sleeping through the night, worried about milk su

    I second the dream feed idea. I have done it with both of my kids for different reasons. My first woke up a lot at night, so the dream feed helped me get a longer stretch of sleep without him...
  20. Re: Introducing bottle to EBF 3 month old

    I went back to work when my daughter was 3 month old and we tried to get her to take a bottle every day for 2 weeks leading up to it, but she wouldn't. We tried 5 different nipples and none of them...
  21. Re: Advice on Starting to Exercise?

    I think there was one study once that claimed babies reject post-exercise milk, and numerous other studies that show babies don't care. Go, exercise, be happy, just wear a good bra. There have been...
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    Re: Hygeia vs. Medela PISA pump

    I have both and I like both for different reasons. I have had my PISA since my first born and got my Hygeia through insurance for my second child. For me, I find the medela empties faster and I...
  23. Re: New to pumping with challenges!

    Did the plugged ducts pop up this week, from pumping? Check to see that your shields fit properly. From my experience, a shield that is too small may not empty well and lead to plugged ducts. ...
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    Re: Jaundice

    Maybe you should ask your doctor what level he wants to see in order for her to be considered low risk. I feel like 12 was the magic number for us, but I can't remember for sure. He should be going...
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    Re: Jaundice

    Her numbers are okay but she still has a little tint of yellow? What do her feet and legs look like? Are they pink? The color clears from the bottom up, so her little face is going to be the last...
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