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  1. Re: Conflicting feelings about weaning (kinda long)

    I got my blood results back. I'm not pregnant.
    So I have been following through with setting limits on nursing. His manners are coming along great.
    Last night I was going to nurse him to sleep...
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    Re: Weaned by 2....

    I would ask him why he feels this way? That might help to understand what's going on.
    But I personally would tell him that it's not his decision to make. It's between you and your LO.
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    Re: Our Weaning...

  4. Re: I think we're almost night weaned...

    We started with the Dr Jay Gordon method that most of the ladies on here suggest. My LO did great with this routine with barely any fussing at all. Then he got sick and I went back to nursing him...
  5. Re: Conflicting feelings about weaning (kinda long)

    This is exactly what was going through my mind today. He was nursing like a starved savage beast last night. and that's putting it mildly...he was frantically nursing making grunting noises and...
  6. Re: Conflicting feelings about weaning (kinda long)

    Pregnancy was my VERY first thought when this started happening a couple months ago. Because the feeling while nursing is so similar to tye nipple sensitivity i had while i was pregnant. Since then...
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    Re: Stinky Gas

    I think that's normal. When my DS started going longer between poops the gas got much stinkier. Really stinky!! Sometimes he would go a week or so without a poop and that's when it was it's worst.
  8. Re: Conflicting feelings about weaning (kinda long)

    Babygirl05, that's awesome that you are still nursing during pregnancy!! That's another thing DH and I were thinking about. We would like to start trying for another LO but I don't think I could...
  9. Re: Conflicting feelings about weaning (kinda long)

    Sixyearplan you are right about nursing manners. I'll start with this too. I have tried to set some limits in the past but I cave under the tantrums. I thought nightweaning would help tremendously...
  10. Re: Conflicting feelings about weaning (kinda long)

    Thanks for replying. Just hearing that I'm not the only one who is feeling or has felt this way is reassuring.

    Yes he is definately a little monkey. This afternoon while nursing he tried to get...
  11. Conflicting feelings about weaning (kinda long)

    I know I dont post here very much and am more of a "lurker" than anything.But I have learned so much from all of the ladies here and I want to say thank you to you all first. I don't have anyone...
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    Re: Dairy?

    Definitely not worth it. Even though all the spitting up didn't seem to really bother him, I still felt so bad for him. I felt like he wasn't Keepin down any of his feedings. And the amount of time I...
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    Re: Dairy?

    I think so. I quit dairy as well because of LOs spitting up. And when I would break down and eat some cheese, a few hours later my LOs spit up would be like a river!!
    I didn't reintroduce dairy...
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    Re: Aunt Flo

    I got mine back when LO was 4 months old. And he nursed every 1.5-2 hours day and night. So I just think it's different for every person and every baby.
    I'll bet it has a lot to do with your LO...
  15. Re: Nursing Strike? Weaning? Teething? Confused! Help!

    I have never had to deal with a nursing strike, thank goodness, but I'm guessing it has more to do with the cold your LO has. Is LO's nose plugged? Clearing it out might help.
    And the biting sounds...
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    Re: THE HUNGER!!!

    I wasn't very hungry either, but I went back to work right after LO's birthday. So I think I was just too busy to notice hunger. Actually, I was back to pre pregnancy weight and ended up losing 20...
  17. Re: Not understanding peoples problem with breastfeeding toddler

    Yup I think we all end up dealing with ignorant people when we are breastfeeding a toddler. I am currently nervous about Easter dinner with my IL's. Most of the family will be shocked that I'm still...
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    Re: Toddler nursing her doll

    That is so sweet!!
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    Re: Funny

    That is SO CUTE!! Makes me look forward to my little guy starting to talk! I can't wait to hear what he says during nursing.
  20. Re: How long does your baby sleep at night?

    My little guy will be 15 months tomorrow and he still wakes up several times a night. On a "good" night he is up 2-4 times in a night. Some nights he wakes every 30 minutes!!! And i am not...
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    Re: Do any of you........

    I hear the same thing from people. When my LO was 3 weeks old people were telling me that I NEED to get out by myself!!!!! Now that I am back to work full time I never go out without him. 40 hrs a...
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    Re: This is just a *sigh*

    We went very slow with solids. It doesn't actually help them sleep. People pushed us to try rice cereal too and all it did was make him constipated and made him wake up more! Another month will fly...
  23. Re: If you've had your period, please respond...

    We have always coslept and DS has always nursed very frequently. Nurses Every 2 hours even at night, and AF came back before he was 4 months old.
  24. Re: Teething Question - How did you soothe your baby at night while teething?

    I will use advil or Tylenol when I know he's cutting teeth. His wake ups increase to 8 or more times a night when he's teething. Some nights every half an hour!! He is cutting 2 molars right now...
  25. Re: What names have your babies called BF?

    My 14 month old just started calling it num num.
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