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    Re: Twiddling While Nursing

    yup. my son has been doing it for close to a year now. i find it very irritating. if you do too, i would advise early intervention...give those fingers something else to play with before it becomes a...
  2. Re: Do you find it creepy when they talk about it?

    my son calls my boobs "b's". it is the cutest thing. i love that he can vocalize now. just two days again he asked to "nurse". i was amazed. he will point to his bed or our designated nursing chair....
  3. Re: Wondering about nursing to sleep in the long run

    my son is almost 22 months. he loves to nurse and yes, for me it has been very challenging. he wakes several times a night to be put back to sleep and i have decided that if i have another child, i...
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    sleeping problems with 16 month old

    hi ladies! my question is for those who have co slept and always nursed their babe to sleep. my son and i have always co slept. i nurse him to nap and throughout the night. he appears very tired to...
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    Re: getting through teething

    my son is 16 months and he has about ten teeth. they came very slowly and then they all started coming in. he is teething now, actually. really for me there wasn't much of a difference other than...
  6. Re: Do you have an age set in your mind you wont nurse past?

    my son is 16 months. he is a milk monster. it is very sweet, he often giggles when on the breast..it is just too good to stay serious! anyway, i thought i would die in the begginning. i was using a...
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