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    Re: What should I tell them?

    YOu could just say that you have to pump because Clare loves her mommys milk. Simple, to the point and if you say something like its best that she have it until she is one you might make others feel...
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    Re: think i'm giving up

    I would definatly try to get a new LC and have her check you latch. I too had an inverted nipple and when I tried to latch my LO she was on wrong and I had a HUGE bruise on my nipple. To feed her for...
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    Re: medela hoses...

    I'd try running water through and then put them in the bags to sanitize them. If not I'd call medela and complain. They are pretty good.. bet you they will send you a hoses for free. I had an issue...
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    Re: New Mom - Want to Start Stocking Up

    I found the manual hurt more then the electric since I found it was easier to adjust the rate on the electric then trying to do it manually. I'd try to rent a hospital pump to see if you like it...
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    Re: Medela Swing Style?

    I had issues with the swing. I had some milk go up the tube and clogg it up. I called Medela, we have one near my house I went in and they cleaned it for me and it works like a charm again.

    I do...
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    Re: Leaving a 14 month old?

    I did two days and a night with my 14 month old and she reffused all bottles while I was gone and took up BF when I returned as if I never left. SO I think you should be fine.
  7. Re: Is there a reason why I shouldn't eat peanut butter?

    A little off topic but.....

    A good use for Peanut butter: When you buy something that has a sticker and you pull it off and get that sticky residue left over and then dirt sticks to it and it...
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    Re: 6-month old distracted when eating

    Mine was very distracted at that age too. I found nursing in private helped since she would pop off at any little disturbance. I think if shes hungry she will eat. It might take a little longer...
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    Re: Cheerios?

    I thought that wheat was to be introduced after rice and oatmeal cereals. (if you do cereals) I think my LO started Cheerios at about 9 months.:shrug
  10. Re: Is there a reason why I shouldn't eat peanut butter?

    I was told the exact same thing by my doc, that it was okay in moderation if I didn't have peanut allergies in my family. I always made sure I brushed my teeth and washed my hands and face after...
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    Re: how do I prepare her for this?

    :hug I am sorry you are going through this. I agree not to change much at home, except to introduce the sippy. And I like what BBB's mom said that phrase the whole BM thing as it will save money. I...
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    Re: How do I wean my 6mo old?

    I agree with the drop one feeding session a week if you have the time. If not then I'd try to space it out as best as possible. I think I'd drop the first ones slower with more days in between then...
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    Re: Extended Nursing Strike 20mo

    Not really a strike story but my LO wouldn't touch cows milk and weaned herself at 20 months.. now all of a sudden she will drink some milk. She did take some chocolate milk recently. She liked it...
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    Re: Born Free Bottles

    I found the BF sippy cups with the drinking spout (for toddlers 9m+) leak like a sive... I hate them... all that money ($15 per sippy plus $9 for the drink spouts x 2) DD turns them upside down and...
  15. Re: Open Space Office, where will i pump??!

    Do you have a conference room? maybe if its not in use you could pump in there?:shrug
  16. Re: Have to exclusively pump - does pumping help you lose wight too?

    Which is why I plan to pump until my LO is 35... :lol
  17. Re: can you convert the swing to a double

    I think to pump both sides with the swing it will take a while since you have to pump each side seperatly. Its better for a once in a while use. IE going out and needing EBM for the sitter ect.
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    I think we have weaned

    Well my beautiful baby girl has been down to one feeding before bed for a couple months now. She is offically 20 months tomorrow and for the past few weeks she has not asked for her bedtime bootie....
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    Re: Pumping before birth?

    I have heard that pumping before the baby is born can bring on early labour since milk comes in AFTER the baby is born. So I wouldn't pump early just to be safe.
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    Re: How do I start weaning?

    No help here as my LO doesn't feed at night..I'm curious to hear the responses since I'm having my second and would like to keep it in the back of my mind incase I'm in this situation one day. As for...
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    Re: teething gel and latch

    We used the Camilia drops too they work great.. I'd avoid the gel. If swallowed it can affect the gag reflex causing the baby to choke.. my Doc said never to use them. I'd ask your Doc about the...
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    Re: Gerber finger foods

    Claire loved the wagon wheeles (which I had to get my parents to smuggle up to Canada) the puffs and the freeze dried fruit.. I agree the glass can stuff like hotdogs and beans look freaky.
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    Re: Gripe water? Does it work?

    We get the ones from Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. They worked great. I could hear my little ones tummy gurgle and then this look of comfort come across her face. They were great when she was little.
  24. Re: Pump Not Working - Milk Backflowed, Help!

    mine did this too. Clean it and it works like a charm. I called Medela and they have a office near me and I brought it in and they actually cleaned it for me.

    Basically there is a tab in the back...
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    Re: What to do with pump after weaning

    Do you have a friend you can give it to. I know your not suppose to share but in the begining my friend offered me hers to borrow. I bought my own attachments and was happy to use it, since I know...
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