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  1. Heartbroken - 2nd Time Around w/ OALD/Oversupply

    Sorry for the long winded, rambling post ... I'm incredibly emotional right now (and not solely because of this issue, but other crummy family stuff).

    I just had my second baby girl in July and...
  2. Re: 5 month old seems ready for solids - go ahead?

    The AAP recommends not starting solids until at least 6 months. See these links for information on starting solids, and why it's best to wait until at least 6 months:

    Why Delay Solids?
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    Re: weaning help

    Ditto! I can't imagine being separated from my little one for even a day, let alone a whole week. I would do everything I could to bring my baby with me, or simply not go. Stuff like Disney World...
  4. Re: reading my baby's hunger signs

    How old is your little one? It sounds like he's having a hard time dealing with your OALD/Oversupply. It may be that he's started to associate nursing with the unpleasantness of the forceful let down...
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    Re: Help!

    When you think the flow of milk has slowed (baby starts swallowing less or other familiar signs that he's about to un-latch), try breast compressions.

    See this link for instructions:

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    Re: Coincidence????

    If you are seeing 5-6 wet diapers a day (or 6-8 cloth diapers), then most likely your supply is just fine. I would make sure that you keep hydrated and don't cut calories too drastically. LLL...
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    Re: Need help due to rash/redness

    Hi! :hello

    Cheerios do have wheat ingredients, as well as corn products in them ... both known allergens. Could be causing an allergic reaction that plain oats would not. We use a cereal called...
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    Re: Meat

    Hi! Haven't been around lately. Shelly emailed me and asked me to post a couple links. And I wouldn't have seen this otherwise since the title is "Meat" ;) ... veggie here! :hello :p Here's the...
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    Re: Is hummus too salty?

    We use Eden Food's canned chick peas with no salt added. Our grocer has an entire section of salt free foods in the organic section. I also sometimes just buy bulk organic chick peas and cook them...
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    Re: Baby led approach

    Also check out:

    Baby Led Solids

    Excellent information! :ita
  11. Re: Are lentils a good food for baby?

    The husks are fairly soft ... not at all "tough" like a black bean for example. And smaller varieties will have the husks removed, like the common red lentil. Here is more info on them. :) There are...
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    Re: Less Breastmilk now?

    Definitely! The good news is it will bounce back up after each cycle. Here is an excellent resource regarding menstruation and breastfeeding. Hope this helps!
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    Re: Organic Baby Food

    Nope. While we also only buy organic, avocados carry one of the least amounts of pestiside residue. Here's a handy guide I love:

    Environmental Working Group
  14. Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...

    This is an edited down, rough draft version of a letter I wrote to Addie to share with her today at her one year birthday party, and to give to her when she is older. I am so sad today ... but I keep...
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    Re: It's all worth it, isn't it?

    I did (and still do at a year old)!! :love :love :love

    Just 4 weeks old ...


    Falling asleep nursing ...
  16. Re: Do you and your LO have a special song

    I sing "The First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes to Addie. Also, "Baby Mine" from Dumbo. And "Little One" by Elliott Smith. :D

    DH sings "Little Miss Magic" by Jimmy Buffet (whom I can't stand,...
  17. Re: Are lentils a good food for baby?

    We love lentils!! They are one of Addie's favorite foods ... she loves feeding them to herself (we do a baby led solids approach). And they are an excellent source of iron. :ita
  18. Re: Can I get my milk supply back?

    llowe gave excellent advice. I'd just like to add a couple links that may have some additional helpful information for you:

    Weaning from formula supplements

    How to increase a low milk supply
  19. Re: Argh! 4 mo old breast refusal

    Without hearing other symptoms I'd guess it's the vaccines making him this way. Not only do they cause fussiness in general, but the injection spots can be tender and will hurt when baby is laid on...
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    Re: Adding rice cereal to EBM?

    Same with us! Addie slept on my chest on her tummy from day one though (we were fortunate enough never to have experienced the tragic things your poor little girl went through, Marcie. :(). Adeline...
  21. Re: I don't feel my let-down...

    Totally normal. :ita Many women never feel let down. There are other wasy to tell when your milk lets down. Kellymom states:

    "It is normal for let-down not to feel as strong as your baby gets...
  22. Re: Question about an overactive let down

    My first advice would be to stop pumping! Doing so is only telling your body to make even more milk, thus increasing the severity of your OALD/oversupply problem. :eek:

    A couple questions to help...
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    Re: Adding rice cereal to EBM?

    A carseat puts a baby with reflux in one of the worst positions ... actually worsening reflux symptoms. The way the baby is positioned in the car seat can cause regurgitation to increase. If the baby...
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    Re: period?

    Menstruation and Breastfeeding

    This link states:
    "Almost anything is considered normal when it comes to your periods while breastfeeding. All women experience a time of postpartum bleeding...
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    Re: nitrates

    How about the sodium factor?

    This source states: "How much salt should babies have?
    Babies need only a very small amount of salt - less than 1g a day up to 12 months. Their kidneys can't cope...
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