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    Re: Post-feeding clinic update

    Thanks for the update! I too met with a speech therapist to have my son evaluated. She didn't do the lotion or anything like that, though. She comes again on Friday for the first real visit.
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    Re: Need help! (solids and other related)

    Your post could have been written by me, word for word. Here's my two cents, but if I had all the answers, my son wouldn't be in the same situation.

    1) What I say is that I will wean him when he's...
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    Re: Frustrated and need support please

    My son nursed all the time when he was new too (he's now a year old). I went to a LLL meeting because he'd nursed 17 times that day (30-40 minutes each time), and I was worried he wasn't getting...
  4. Re: one-year-old nursing almost exclusively still

    Also, in observing him and other one-year-olds recently (and also based on some of the food suggestions I've seen here), he does not know how to chew. I thought that was normal for a toddler his age,...
  5. Re: one-year-old nursing almost exclusively still

    Thanks for the link.

    Well, that's the thing. He doesn't eat very many healthy whole foods. I'm asking whether eating something is better than eating nothing.

    I've thought about doing...
  6. Re: one-year-old nursing almost exclusively still

    The last two days have been much different, and I think they've been good different. :)

    Yesterday I decided to hold off on breastmilk for a few hours to make sure my son got good and hungry. When...
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    Re: does cows milk cause gasiness ?

    Goat's milk is supposedly easier to digest than cow's, if you can get it.
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    Re: Referred to a feeding clinic!

    When my son was nine months and doing pretty much what yours is doing, I was told that he nutritionally didn't need more than breastmilk. But my milk supply was a little low for his demands, so he...
  9. Re: one-year-old nursing almost exclusively still

    Thanks. I'm in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. I'm willing to drive basically anywhere in the valley.
  10. one-year-old nursing almost exclusively still

    I was directed here by a friend for advice about this problem.

    My son just turned one on Wednesday. He and I have had a strong breastfeeding relationship from day one. Luckily, I have been able to...
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    Re: What are your lo's eating???

    Age: One year

    Age when he started solids: a little cereal at 4 months because he looked like he wanted some, then didn't start in earnest until 6 months.

    What he'll eat:

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    Re: having trouble with solids

    At what point does breastmilk alone stop being enough? My son will turn one on Wednesday, and he's still nursing almost exclusively.
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