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  1. Nipple Stimulation Increase Supply even w/o pumping?

    Hi Ladies - Went to my Chiropractor the other day and she and I were talking about milk production. Sounds funny but she's full of great ideas. She said that she was able to increase her milk...
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    Re: supply issues at 9 months

    You might combine blessed thistle with Fenugreek and take 9 capsules a day, 3 each morning noon and night. This will boost your milk faster than starting out with a regular dosage. I have been...
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    Re: could it be a sinus infection already

    Just visited the pediatrician this morning and I have a nine month old. My Ped said that they don't really even have sinuses yet, which she explained are spaces between bone structure, and therefore...
  4. Re: Sleeping Through the Night - Maintain Supply Question

    I still pump in the middle of the night even though my LO has slept through the night for 6 months. I find it really hard to pump at work every day and make sure I get enough nipple stimulation if I...
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    Re: Nipple shield???

    I used a nipple shield for the first 4 months and then weaned her off. i had a babe that wouldn't latch without tucking her upper lip. It hurt like hell until I used the nipple shield and it was...
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    Re: can you reuse baby food jars?

    I use trays from a company called Fresh Baby, and they have lids so you don't have to worry about plastic wrap getting stuck to food. Heres the link: http://www.freshbaby.com/

    Haven't had a...
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    Re: Milk Supply Dwindling

    I've been having the same problem with milk drying up. If you are taking the mini-pill, you might want to consider stopping (hormones might be causing a problem). Try taking fenugreek and blessed...
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    Re: Should I pump in the middle of the night?

    I still pump in the middle of the night and my LO is 9 months old. She goes to daycare 4 hours a day and the middle of the night is when I get the most milk. I feel reassured that she gets enough...
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    Re: 9 months in and trouble w/ supply

    She does have plenty of wet diapers and has definitely become more efficient at nursing. I just feel like sometimes she isn't getting enough because when I pump to make a bottle for daycare she will...
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    9 months in and trouble w/ supply

    Wondering how much milk a 9 month old/ 18 lbs. should be getting? I had read somewhere that a baby her age should have at least 30 ounces of breastmilk or formula a day. I know she isn't getting...
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