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  1. Re: 10.5 month old not gaining weight for 4 months

    She is getting taller- not putting on any weight at all... not sure which charts they are using- I don't get hung up on the percentiles so much, but the lack of weight gain is starting to make me...
  2. Re: Seeking advice - distractable baby/nursing in public.

    I have never been able to feed my little one around people- she bites and pulls to look..I too plan my trips on quiet places to feed her-our faves- dressing rooms and in the backseat of the car. She...
  3. 10.5 month old not gaining weight for 4 months

    Hi ladies,

    I have been bf'ing since baby was born, and introduced minimal solids at 6 months, recently ramping up to 2-3 times a day for her (veggies, meat, and some rice.) She breastfeeds roughly...
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