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    Re: another mastitis thread

    yep sounds like mastitis to me too and :hug to you because it is a drag!!
    i had the same experience where i felt like i was hit by a bus and then woke the next morning feeling better but still flu...
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    I Found A Trick!!!!

    hi ladies
    i hope this isn't TMI; i know that with my last lo i would have tried anything so i thought i would throw it out there.
    so lo is 7 mos and i pump three days a week at work. with last lo...
  3. Re: What do all you working mamas do for a living?

    this is the best thread yet!! it is so amazing to hear how impressive you all are!! i am a licensed clinical social worker and i work for a nonprofit mental health organization serving low income...
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    Re: Well the time has come

    :hug i can relate totally! i have two (2.5 yrs and 7 mos)--each time back to work had its own gut renching stuff!! did you do that thing where lo stays with day care a few hrs a couple of days...
  5. Re: Anyone in the process of switching bf to ff?

    :hug :hug :hug
    first off you rock for even taking such pains to consider your next move.
    don't underestimate the pure DRAMA of our lovely hormones post partum--mine were KICKING for at least a...
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    hitting the wall here...

    haven't posted for a while--have been tunnel vision about this supply thing. so i work m, w, f and things have gotten hectic, meaning that i am only able to pump two times:eye . on the days...
  7. Re: i am grieving baby's first ever formula

    thanks so much for support and kind words-it is really all i needed.
    i am surely still nursing--my goal had been 6 mos exclusive so that was part of the sadness because he is only just 5 now. but i...
  8. Re: burning out on puping at work - need a pep talk

    i am right there with you --for me it is not only dragging out the suitcase pump but also knowing that each session may or may not yield any milk!!
    hang in there because in 6 mos you will look back...
  9. i am grieving baby's first ever formula

    i am so broken right now. i swear i tried it all--oatmeal, fenugreek, tea, relaxation, pumping all hours...and i still needed to let daycare provider give lo supplement two days this week at...
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    Re: Clearing milk ducts with Mastitis

    hi there
    first of all big hugs because mastitis is no joke!! when i had it my supply went way down--partly i think because of the meds, partly because of the clogged ducts and partly because my...
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    Re: Nursing to Sleep

    i nursed my two year old to sleep for naps and night until she weaned at 12 mos. we also had a good routine going tho especially at nite (bath, books, 'time for sleep sweet girl'...) which became...
  12. Re: Question for Moms who are supplementing.....

    i was wondering why you wouldn't mix bm with formula? i am in your same boat and i thought that mixing would ease the change and then at each feeding he is at least getting some bm?
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    Can't Get Let Down!!!

    i am so frustrated!! i have only been back to work for two months. i work mon, wed and fri and i have arranged to pump three times per day. today i pumped for probably a total of 3 hours and i...
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    Re: Breastfeeding Help

    most of all big big hugs:hug :hug :hug to you. i agree with all of the pp and don't really have more info for you but wanted to put in my two cents
    you are most definitely NOT alone in how you...
  15. Re: A Few Questions for Double Electric Pump Users

    1) i also have the medela pump in style which for me was just the basic upgrade from the more simple medela double pump which i used with my last lo.
    2) i pump three times a day when i am working...
  16. Re: working/pumping & loss of milk supply....HELP!

    wow april i am glad you posted--i was doing the clear pee thing thinking that you could never be too hydrated. but let down is totally my pumping issue so i am going to see about drinking a little...
  17. Re: not sure if work and bf will be possible.

    just wanted to chime in on the butt kicking offer--we could be a team!!
    i work with some folks who are more than supportive about my plight for milk and on top of that i found that the normally...
  18. Re: working/pumping & loss of milk supply....HELP!

    wow i could have written t his post!! I have been back go work for a month now and between struggling t o pump (my challenge is getting myself to relax enough to let down) and how much my lo eats, i...
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    Re: Night problem

    have you tried the other things like fenugreek, oatmeal and teas? i was never able to express much manually. what kind of pump were you using when it hurt so much? hang in there--i hope it gets...
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    Re: Happy day!!

    yay mandi!!:) :) :)
    enjoy enjoy enjoy!!
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    Re: Need some PPD help

    just want to send more good wishes and kudos for your taking control of what can feel like a really out of control time. i have BTDT too--but i tried to do the whole excercise/social thing the whole...
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    Re: does anyone feel like this?????

    wow it is just such a relief to know how many others feel this way (not that i would wish it on any of you..). and mandi-- i feel so much for you and feel low for complaining when i read your post. ...
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    Re: The Hand Dance

    our dance includes 'music'--lo growls at me or his hands--can't decide which and curls up into a ball when i try to move him. once he is latched tho he windmills until i let down and then he needs...
  24. Re: I'm desperate and worried! Please help!

    sounds like you are working so hard to do what she needs!!:hug
    could you pump one side while she nurses the other and then that way you will have breast milk to bottle feed when she wakes again? ...
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    does anyone feel like this?????

    sorry just venting--
    i have been trying what feels like everything. and it seems like every waking hour (and some dreamtime too) is spent fixated on the supply thing. i have these ridiculous...
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