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    Re: Weight gain after weaning

    i have packed on about 20 lbs in the 3 months since weaning my son...un:yikesbelievable!!!!
    i'm gonna have to start doing something to get my hormones/metabolism back in check.
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    Post Weaning:Breasts leaking?!

    My 17 month old stopped nursing at 14 months old all on his own...it was gradually tapering off and he had stopped asking to nurse, just happy w/ a sippy cup w/ goat's milk and his binky. I didn't...
  3. Re: Nutrional Needs of a 1 year old:breastmilk & solids

    I did check out the kelly mom site...so good info there.
    I went to a local mother/baby center and weighed my son and he's dropped a bit on the growth chart for weight, so we will attempt to...
  4. Nutrional Needs of a 1 year old:breastmilk & solids

    My son is 11 months old and is breast fed (no juice, no water,etc.). We didn't start solids till he was 6 months old and really likes them but still loves nursing. He's very healthy and average...
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    Re: How to you clean parts while at work?

    sounds like you're on the right track. i have done many things cuz my breaks are 30 minutes and i have to go out to my car to do it.

    i leave my medela pump in style on the front seat all set up...
  6. Re: What type of Pump should i get??? PLEASE HELP WITH ADVICE!

    I tried the avent manual pump for starters and it's alright in a dire emergency.

    But I'm a single mom working F/T but committed to breastfeeding. So....
    I bought a Medela double electric pump on...
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    Re: weight gain-how 2 bulk up?

    yes, we co-sleep about 60% of the time. he naps by himself and sometimes goes to bed in the bassinette. i tried to get him at least used to the bassinette cuz he'll be sleeping at his caregivers...
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    weight gain-how 2 bulk up?

    my 10 week old son had a growth spurt but he hasn't gained weight in proportion to his height. i tried feeding him more often yesterday but then he was only snacking and not eating meals. he is...
  9. gas gas gas-already tried no dairy-ahh!!

    My beautiful 9 week old son has had gas issues since 2 weeks old. The doctor checked him out, no problems there. I went off dairy and dairy proteins for 5.5 weeks, no change. I give him gripe water...
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