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  1. Another complaint of nipple pain

    I suspect I must be ovulating given the quantities of EWCM I have observed. :) DS is 17 mo and I got my first "real" (I think) period at 15 months. Nursing has been jaw-clenchingly painful for 36...
  2. Will I be short-changing DS . . .

    . . . if I get pregnant before he is 2?

    I know it seems like a strange q but most of my sibs' kids are 3 years apart and most didn't tandem nurse. I just feel like 3 years of nursing would prob...
  3. Re: How often do your LOs wake at night?

    15 mo son co-sleeps, wakes up to nurse 4-5x a night. Oy vey. The longest he has ever slept is 5 hours.

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