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    Re: Tell me about blockfeeding!

    I tried block feeding in 2 hour increments, but had the same problem you did, my LO only ate once in that block. I ended up adding an hour, and then another, so I was doing 4-hour blocks. I was...
  2. Re: iron-fortified cereal vs. iron rich

    Thank you, all, for your advice! I feel more informed and better able to make a decision! :)
  3. Re: iron-fortified cereal vs. iron rich

    I'm a little confused...so there's really no concern with premature babies and low iron as long as they're exclusively breastfed?
  4. iron-fortified cereal vs. iron rich food

    Hello! Longtime lurker, first time poster. :)

    My son was born at 34w4d, 5lb 6oz, 18.5” long. His NICU stay was 10 days, he had a feeding tube, IV and oxygen. He has been exclusively breastfed...
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