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    Re: He falls asleep

    I don't know if there is some way you can get his weight checked again, but I wanted to let you know my LO who is now 6 wks, started the same thing your LO is doing at about 4 wks. Eat for 10 minutes...
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    Re: Irritated and Tired

    Just wanted to let you know I am in the same boat as you. I have just started the evening cluster feeding this past week (was more baby led). We tried the co-sleeping for a few nights. It worked...
  3. Re: Nipple Pain - Cracked & Scabby

    I so know what you are going through. Seems like I have JUST gotten over this patch - my lo is 4 wks now. Keep in mind that you WILL get through this, it really doesn't seem like it when you are in...
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    Re: Tight frenulum

    My 4wk old baby is tongue-tied also. I know what you mean about the nipple pain/mishapen nipples after nursing. We have thought about getting it clipped but it isn't severe - he can stick his...
  5. Re: What are breast compressions?

    here's a link for a video of how to do breast compressions. It's about half way down the page.
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    Re: Driving me crazy....

    maybe rather than holding the prefold up to the other side when you nurse, just hold the pump there and let it flow into the bottle without actually pumping it off, kwim?
  7. Re: Both sides; The RIGHT thing!

    What I would do is first forget the clock. Just let the baby nurse for as long as it takes her to get full. I would nurse her on one side until she emptied that breast. You can do breast...
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    Re: AGH! What could be wrong?!?!

    I found this article on the breastfeeding strike/fussy nurser, thought it might help some of you.
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    Re: Thrush/Pain/Latch/Etc

    About the Gentian Violet, it won't stain permanently, it just may require a few washes to get it out.
    Rather than the alcohol on your nipples you may want to try a vinegar compress. Particularly...
  10. Re: Low Supply ?? Growth Spurt?? HELP FRUSTRATED!!!

    I agree...every baby is different. The ages and stages for things to happen are just guidelines. If he is having plenty of wet/poopy diapers I woudln't think that your supply is low. Also try to...
  11. Re: Extremely resistant thrush...please give me hope

    You might try the Gentian violet. It is supposed to work wonders. You can also try reading this for some other ideas on how to get this under control. HTH.
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