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    Re: Hands free pumping bra recos?

    I have a pumpease that I use at work. You can find it here: http://www.snugabell.com/. I don't wear it all day, but just when I am pumping though...it fits nicely over a nursing bra and then I...
  2. Re: Tips for storing/transporting pump parts, etc.

    I take a symphony pump to and from work, but I just carry it in the huge plastic case. I carry my bottle cooler and misc pump supplies (in a ziploc) in a pretty vera bradley tote bag that I...
  3. Re: Tongue tie, low supply, supplementing HELP!

    Be prepared for it to take some time after a tongue-tie clipping for him to relearn to nurse. Be sure to do all the recommended exercises to facilitate proper healing - Dr. Kotlow, a pediatric...
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    Re: Unweaning. Is it possible?

    You may need to find a pediatric dentist to correct both the tongue and lip-tie. Many ENT's only do the tongue. I know of two in my area and one in New York depending on where you live. All of them...
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    Re: Long Term Supplementing

    I happened across your post and know exactly what you are going through. I have been on the same path since my son was 3 weeks old. Next week he will be 8 months. He has been on solids for about a...
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    Milk in Tubes

    I have been using the same Medela Symphony rental pump for around 6 months now and today I have been getting milk in the tubes for the first time. I am a little worried that something may be wrong...
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    Re: Desperate to increase milk supply!

    The first step is the hardest, *Relax*. You may want to find an LC in your area that know something about tongue-tie. I had the same nursing experience as you and we had to see 4 LC's to get the...
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