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    Please help!!!!!!

    So my little one is getting close to the 3 month mark, and has been letting out blood curdling, back arching screams when she is gassy or has to poop. I don't even know where to begin to help her,...
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    Re: So bittersweet.......

    Thanks ladies you make me feel so proud :) I'm so glad he has gotten to do this on his terms, and I'm definitely blessed to have a supportive husband who lets me do what is best for our children.
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    So bittersweet.......

    So I am proud to say my LO turned 4 years old on 1/29 and I ccan't believe we still nurse on occasion. I was one of those moms who had a limit of 2 years when I thought of weaning, but once we hit...
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    Re: Pumping into a bag

    Some breast pumps allow you to pump directly into a bag, but if the bag doesn't fit securely, that liquid gold has a higher chance of spilling. And I KNOW we've all cried over spilled breast milk. ...
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    Re: Green Poop since antibiotic

    Yes mama irregular poop is common. My 3 1/2 y/o is on antibiotics for the first time and he has had watery poop the whole time. My son unfortunately wasn't eating during the first few days of his...
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    Re: I Just Need A Little Support

    Congrats mama on your pregnancy. If you have a birth plan and don't want Pitocin or epidural that is your right as a human being. As for baby being with you I would suggest your hubby keep tabs on...
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    Re: DD's weaning story

    :clap Makes me smile mama! And melts my heart all at the same time :love
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    Re: Is this common???

    Thanks ladies!! Appreciate it :)
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    Is this common???

    Hubby and I found out on vacation last week that we are expecting baby #2 in May. Well, the entire time on vacation and from then on my boobs are super sore when my 3 y/o is nursing. It's just sore...
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    Re: 19 months--still no period?

    I was 18+ months post partum before I got mine.
  11. Re: The joys of a nursing toddler...

    I LOVE THIS! What a good laugh :lol My 3 year old sometimes gets a kick out of trying to nurse daddy and my husband responds by tickling him or whatever his reflex might be. I love crazy boys :) ...
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    Re: I just need to talk to someone

    Welcome to LLL. I think every lady on here knows how tedious pumping, nursing and being sleep deprived can be. BUT, you're doing a great job! You are doing what is absolutely best for your little...
  13. Re: got my period - is this normal?

    My LO was 18 months before I got my period back. Much like every baby is different, every mom is different :)
  14. Re: we are weaned, at 4 years and 10 days...

    Congrats on the new baby. And, what a lovely story :happytears I am crying at how bittersweet this is. I've been nursing for 3 years and almost 3 months. I am trying to conceive and am worried...
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    3 years and counting?!?!?!

    Even though my little man turned 3 on January 29th, it just hit me that we're still nursing and we've made it over 3 years. :yikes I can't believe we've gone this long, but I wouldn't have it any...
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    Re: Fussy breastfed baby

    I agree with all the PP. My son cried every night from 4pm-9pm. He was very fussy, and if you set him down he let out the most blood curdling screams ever. From about 3 weeks old, until right...
  17. Re: feeding 14 month old. Period not returned.

    I don't think it's cause for concern. I didn't get my period back til my little man was 18 months. It's just your body obviously releasing something, but I personally wouldn't worry :)
  18. Re: How to grocery shop with TODDLER?!? *** For NEW BEGINNI

    I let my almost 3 year old play with my kindle (only to keep him focused on something). We have counting games, shape games, ABC games, and a few movies. Sadly he navigates my kindle better than I...
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    Re: Before I forget....

    What a great idea :) I'm definitely balling like a baby.....but thank you for this. A million :hugs to you mama!
  20. Re: EXTREME nipple pain.....help!!!!!!!

  21. EXTREME nipple pain.....help!!!!!!!

    Hi LLLadies! My little guy is almost 3 years old. We've happily nursed the entire time :love

    I have had one or two occurences where right before my cycle starts my nipples have been a little bit...
  22. Re: Breastfeeding Today, Issue 14, October 2012

    That "Time for myself" article made me tear up. Being a first time mom, I often wondered when I'd get my "old self" or "old life" back. I am so gratedful now that I have the life I do, and realize...
  23. Re: Toddler Eats Nothing!! **for New Beginnings**

    My 2 1/2 year old little guy LOVES to eat. He definitely goes through phases of growing where he can eat a TON more than usual. I'm learning to be more and more patient with my little man because...
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    Re: cosleeping

    We JUST bought a king bed and it did wonders for our sleep. We've co-slept since day one. Some nights my LO will sleep in his bed for 4-6 hours then come to our bed. Other nights he's in there...
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    Re: moms nursing older toddlers

    My LO is 2 and 1/2 and there's no end in sight on his nursing. We do nurse at my parents house on occasion, but otherwise it's all done at home. We choose not to NIP or at any other family...
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