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  1. Re: my baby refuses to breastfeed apart from when she is tired

    My LO basically ONLY eats lying down in our bed. There are times when I can get her to latch standing up while swaying, but I think that she gets too distracted if we're near her toys or there are...
  2. Re: Need to kick thrush for good! is Gentian violet reallys safe?

    Oh! Also, just FYI. My daughter had NO symptoms whatsoever. No white patches in her mouth, but she was treated (I was able to get the prescription over the phone from her nurse/doc just by saying...
  3. Re: Need to kick thrush for good! is Gentian violet reallys safe?

    I had thrush really bad that the thought of breast feeding had me in tears. The pain shot through to my back. My daughter also had a bad latch plus a smaller mouth. It was aweful! but you will get...
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    Re: breast rejection - due to cold?

    I have been thinking about you while nursing my LO these last couple of days. After reading different things on this site I've had a few ideas.

    Have you tried nursing him in the tub (if you have...
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    Re: breast rejection - due to cold?

    Hi There,

    I read this a few days ago and I still don't have any answer. My child is only 5 months old and I'm not that experienced in BF as she's my first. But my heart goes out to you so I want...
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    8.5 months & School


    My LO has been EBF since day (and night) one. Now this is wayyy in the future, but I'm going to be going back to school when my LO is 8.5 months old (she just turned 5 mo's yesterday). I know...
  7. Re: ONLY nurses when lying down in OUR bed

    Thank you all for your help! I had a really hard time finding my thread again until I finally did a search for it. Anyway, it's been a couple of weeks, and she's still a bed nurser, but I think I...
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    Re: A few random questions

    Just my 2 cents... I would defnitely offer your breast more often. in my experience, your child won't eat if he's not hungry (bottles are different I think). Even if he starts sucking, he may let go...
  9. Re: Baby Still Cluster Feeding, Help!

    my daughter is 4.5 mos old, and she cluster feeds at night and in the morning. Sometimes only going 30 mins before needing to eat again. From about 6-8am, she eats about 4-6 times and from 7-9pm,...
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    Re: reflux or what the?

    Hi there,
    congrats making it to 4 weeks!! It was soooo hard for me until the 4th week. I had thrush/yeast infections in my breasts and latch problems, it was sooooo painful that at one point I said...
  11. ONLY nurses when lying down in OUR bed

    Hey there,
    I'm new to the LLLI forum. I have a 20 week old (4.5 mo) who seems to be in excellent health. No stuffy noses, no colds, no ear infections, and overall very happy. Her poo is orangish...
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