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    Re: herbal remedies dangerous?

    I read the article too...i can't tell you how much i hate articles that start out with titles like Herbal Tea Kills Babies. that drives me nuts.

    I think it's a bit alarmist. I think basically it's...
  2. How long can you keep BM warm in a cooler?

    Hi--we're going on a long trip and I'm wondering how long you can keep BM warm in a bottle--say I warm it up with one of those car warmers (which takes FOREVER), and put it in a cooler or neoprene...
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    Re: DCP has been microwaving BM

    Well--you were right--she just told her husband that to make it easier on him with four kids!! First thing she told me this morning was that she does NOT microwave the breastmilk. so here I was with...
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    Re: DCP has been microwaving BM

    yeah, could be--but i want to talk to her about it to be sure...
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    DCP has been microwaving BM

    *sigh* I thought I told her not to microwave breastmilk, and I thought she said that she puts it in a bowl of warm water. But when I went to pick Emily up today, her husband was there taking care of...
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    Exclusive pumpers....

    (Please see my thread below about emotional side of bottle preference)

    Well, I've thought long and hard about all of this, Emily is SO much happier with the bottle. I'm not too happy about her not...
  7. Re: exclusive pumping--dealing with emotional side?

    no, she won't nurse in the morning--but probably because she's just not hungry enough and really wants to just play. she won't take a bottle in the morning either--she waits until like 10am.
  8. exclusive pumping--dealing with emotional side?

    I am so torn between letting my daughter take a bottle all day and just nursing at night (if she will) while she's sleepy, versus trying to get her back on the breast while i'm with her during the...
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    Very discouraged, worried

    Wow, it's amazing how my moods can totally mirror whether or not Emily nurses well...ugh...

    Well, it's been a long struggle to get Emily ONTO the bottle, because she would refuse it at daycare....
  10. Re: Baby doesn't take bottle but will take cereal

    Yeah, kinda. She took 4 oz with the sippy today. But then nursed like mad when she came home--but then got all mad at the disruption in her little routine...at bedtime she was inconsolable--didn't...
  11. Re: Baby doesn't take bottle but will take cereal

    She took the sippy cup! It was without the valve so the dcp had to help her, but she took like 2 oz with that! She was pretty hungry when I picked her up, but she was happy! I'm hoping this will...
  12. Re: Baby doesn't take bottle but will take cereal

    I called the advice nurse at Kaiser and she said no solids because it will constipate her--she did have a poopy diaper tonight but it was way different than normal--much thicker. So i guess no more...
  13. Re: Baby doesn't take bottle but will take cereal

    I'm so confused about this...i read so much conflicting info about it being okay for 4 to 6 mos and others saying it's not. I just want her to eat. It's so frustrating knowing that she's not eating...
  14. Re: Baby doesn't take bottle but will take cereal

    She'll be 4 months next week. we haven't tried any other fruits/veggies yet, just cereal. she had it only once today but it was a good sized bowl (one nonrmal serving, but she didn't eat it all, but...
  15. Baby doesn't take bottle but will take cereal

    My daycare provider today said that Emily still won't take a bottle but she gave her a ton of cereal today and she was so happy to eat it. She mixed a serving of cereal with about 3 ounces of...
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    Two questions about cereal

    In the beginning, should the amount she eats be 1 tablespoon TOTAL cereal (mixed with BM) or 1 tbspn of the actual dry stuff and then mixed with the BM, which yields much more than 1 tbspn? She's...
  17. Re: Frustrated with last feedings of the night

    Sounds like my daughter about two weeks ago--I had to start feeding her in her room with the lights off in order to get her to nurse that last feeding. She was overtired and overstimulated and just...
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    Re: Question for reverse cyclers

    So she is now taking the bottle from the sitter? I took Emily to the daycare today and the daycare provider couldn't get her to take it--but it was her first day. She was pretty happy otherwise. I...
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    Re: Fighting the bottle

    It could be that she has gas--she might be swallowing a lot more air with the bottle than with nursing on the breast. Fighting the bottle is pretty common--but at least she takes it (my daughter...
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    Re: Please explain OALD.....

    Whenever I gave my daughter gripe water it ALWAYS caused more poop and sometimes greener poop. just thought I'd let you know that.

    Have you checked her for thrush? Sometimes babies with thrush can...
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    Re: Gaining weight but still hungry!

    sorry...i meant "she." :o
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    Re: Gaining weight but still hungry!

    How long is your child nursing for? Just one side or both sides? How often in the afternoon/evening does he nurse?
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    Re: My dd only nurses for 5mins

    DD did this for a while but was eating every two hours. I was feeding her only on one side. I tried to put her on both sides and she ate! I would try and give her the other side after she eats on one...
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    Re: pumping while nursing the other breast

    Hi Annie--just wanted to let you know that I had the same issues you did...and wanted you to know that my daughter was able to handle the overactive let-down at about 12 to 14 weeks old. For some...
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    Question for reverse cyclers

    My questions are:

    1. How long did it take for your child to start reverse cycling?

    2. Was your child miserable those first few days during the day?

    3. If you do NOT co-sleep, how often are...
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