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  1. Comforts by breastfeeding doesn't eat

    My son comforts himself when he's sad by breastfeeding and refuses to eat. He has a lot of energy and would rather play than eat. How much breastmilk should I give him? He is 22 months. How can I...
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    Help can't sleep!

    My almost 14 month old breast feeds all night. He sleeps in the same bed as me. So last night I tried to stop that. He woke up at 12 am wanting milk and cried for 1 or 2 hours. I tried to give...
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    Re: need a bit of encouragement

    Don't give up! It is worth it. My son breastfed all the time for while. They eat less later. I breastfed on demand. Babies know when they are hungry and sleepy, let them decide. It took awhile...
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    My son is eating again!

    When I first wrote here I was really worried, frustrated and angry. My baby boy hates baby food! I was worried and forcing him to eat it. Now I give him pieces of fruit and bread so he can feed...
  5. Re: 7 month old not eating solids or sleeping

    Yeah I side breast feed him all night long. He was better last night. I figured out that I need to make a schedule and routine for him. After my research I found out not to push solids. He only...
  6. 7 month old not eating solids or sleeping

    My baby ate 2-3 full bowls of vegetables, fruit and cereal when he was 6 months, he slept through the night and breastfed fine. Now he is almost 8 months old. He got thrush and stopped eating...
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