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  1. Re: 3 week old not latching well on one side

    That's fantastic that the BN has improved things at least a bit for you both. I'm sure that if you stick with it. It'll get easier. Hope the thrush clears up soon.

    You're doing a great thing. XX
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    Re: co sleeping and supplementing

    It is absolutely ok to just let them nurse. Some babies need to more than others, because they enjoy it. Sometimes they just need to feed more go through the odd period of needing more (growth spurt,...
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    Re: Nipple feeding/ poor latch

    Have you tried gently pushing your finger under his chin when feeding. This may stop the lower jaw chewing movement.

    Good luck with everything xx
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    Re: too short of feed?

    :ita dDon't make him wait, feed at the first sign reagrdless of when he was last fed. You sound like you have a super efficent little man.
  5. Re: Sudden supply loss at 10 months - due to illness?

    :ita Wow, you have a very sensible doc.
    I had a dip in supply when my periods returned. I would suggest that you have a moon day. Rest with your baby (in bed, on the sofa) , get partner, relatives...
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    Re: Nipple feeding/ poor latch


    The clamping down that your baby is doing and pain you're in may be due to tongue tie. Has this been ruled out? It is often missed.

    It may be worth you giving LLL helpline a call or...
  7. Re: Help please!! Colicy maybe but not sure..

    Sorry, I meant to put into my initial post that rather than pumping and giving milk in a bottle as a seperate feed. You could pump the initial fast flow milk (just so it slows down) then finish the...
  8. Re: Help please!! Colicy maybe but not sure..

    Thank you for your kind comment. I'm really pleased that you found this helpful. xxx
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    Re: Question about watery stools

    The lovely yellow, watery poops that explode out of the nappy are normal. They will become less frequent over time.

    If it gets on baby's clothes, wash as normal then hang outside to dry. The UV...
  10. Re: Help please!! Colicy maybe but not sure..


    My now nine month old went through this worse than my older three. A stretchy wrap sling would be helpful for you 1.) so you can just carry her when she's going through this to keep her close...
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    Re: growth spurt?

    It is safe to co sleep. Much safer than sitting up in a chair and risking falling asleep. I have co slept with all of mine, and am currently co sleeping with DD3. You will get so much more rest, and...
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    Re: Have I Tried Everything?


    Has tongue tie been rule out? The clamping down and searing pain that you've described seem to point to that

    Tongue tie gets missed a lot.

    have a look at:...
  13. Re: New mom struggling with pain from engorgement and bloody nipples

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time. But it does get easier and this hard stage will pass.

    Congratulations on your new arrival. Your husband obviously really wants to help,...
  14. Re: 3 week old not latching well on one side

    I understand that it is daunting trying something for the first time. But BN really does work, it is amazing. For you it may be good to have your baby draped over your shoulder, or lying to the side,...
  15. Re: need help with weaning asap- medical reasons

    I hope everything is OK for you and am so sorry that you're having to go through this.

    I read a book the other day, that I think may be helpful for you. "How weaning happens" It's one of the LLL...
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    Re: growth spurt?

    :ita totally with this.

    Congratulations on your new arrival. This is completely normal. They just want to be with you too. Carry, cuddle, snooze, rest and look after each other. Enjoy these early...
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    Re: :( Chronic Mastitis-Please help! :(


    This might sound a bit mad, but have you tried feeding on all fours? This will help to drain the breast. It has worked for me and several other mums that I know.

    I spent one night, when DD3...
  18. Re: Weight Gain Slowing down & Zantac

    My youngest (now 9mths) was 9 4 born, she is now at around 21lbs. The right weight for her 6-9 month clothes, which are starting to get a bit small. Check out average weight gain for breastfed babies...
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    Re: Leaking second time around


    I hardly leaked with my first three, but am like a tap with number four.

    Enjoy having a little less washing!!:clap

    Congratulations on your new arrival.
  20. Re: 3 week old not latching well on one side

    Have a look at a: http://www.biologicalnurturing.com/


  21. Re: When were you able to read your baby?

    It does get much easier, promise. xx
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    Re: How much bm to give in bottle


    I have always gone for the little by little approach, give a little and then some more if they want it. Rather than putting in too much then wasting it. What you have done sounds fine.

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    Re: is it lots of nursing??

    My little girl is a month younger than your baby and is bf way more than six times a day.They tend to take what they need when they need it and that in my view is the way it should be. She uses it...
  24. Re: 3 week old not latching well on one side


    Have you tried lying back, either in bed or on the sofa. comfy and supported with pillows. Put baby onto your stomach with feet pointing down and head on your chest, and letting them find her...
  25. Re: Didn't nurse at all through the night and threw up this morning

    :ita It is prob just because he is a bit poorly. He'll be back to himself in no time. Mummy milk is an amazing healer for upset tums and just about everything else.

    How are you introducing solid...
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