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    Re: What deos let-down feel like?

    yeah that. Mine feels just like a menstrual cramp. But in the boobs.
  2. Re: So why does he arch his back and push away instead of relaxing?

    No, no, and yes.

    I had a letdown issue w/ DD, too, but she was better able to handle it than DS is.
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    Re: Latch pain

    How old is your baby? In the first few days w/ both DD and DS, my nipples were definitely tender, briefly, when latching. But now DS can latch w/o any soreness at all.
  4. So why does he arch his back and push away instead of relaxing?

    DS is 11 days old today, and sometimes when he's hungry, he'll do this weird back-arching thing and sort of push himself away from the breast instead of just latching and eating. Sometimes it's b/c...
  5. Lazy nurser + abundant supply = ouch

    DS is 1 week old today, and ever since my milk came in, I can't seem to get him to empty me when he's eating. He's a lazy nurser and will swallow only about three times on his own before his eyes...
  6. How can you tell when your milk comes in?

    I'm currently about 31 hours postpartum with baby number 2, and it's been a while since I had a newborn. I want to do things right, lol.

    With DD, my milk came in at about 66 hours postpartum, but...
  7. Re: Does it all come back to you for baby #2?

    That's what I'm worried about, lol, b/c I had zero issues w/ DD. She was a total dream baby.
  8. Does it all come back to you for baby #2?

    I nursed DD for 28 months (weaned just in April) and am expecting a new one in early October. Does "how to nurse a newborn" come back pretty easily, or will I have to re-learn the whole thing all...
  9. Is this what child-led weaning looks like?

    DD is 27 months, so I highly doubt this is a nursing strike or anything, lol. She had been nursing about once/day, usually right after her afternoon nap. Sometimes we skip it b/c of circumstances...
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    Re: nursing in a sling

    To nurse a tiny one in a wrap, I'd start wrapping w/ the middle behind me, so there's just the "cross" part in front, rather than a cross AND a pocket. Then when she needs to nurse, drop the wrap...
  11. I've reached another milestone! :D :D

    This milestone isn't measured in months or years or time, but in events. For instance, one of my nursing goals was to make it to the point where I'd have a talking nursling. She talks now, in big...
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    Re: I've Decided!

    My goal was for 18 months. DD is 25 months now and still nursing. :)
  13. Re: You know you're nursing a preschooler when...

    These are adorable. :love DD is turning 2 next month (where did the time go!) and we're still nursing, but the only thing she talks about it is "mah?" lol. I can't wait until she can REALLY...
  14. My first time nursing a monkey. lol

    Ok well she was a human, but she sure was acting like a monkey. lol. The being in question is my own 15 month old DD. Usually when I nurse her, the "other side" is completely covered up, and she...
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    Re: Tell for BFing.

    DD is 15 months and doesn't even talk at all yet, so she has nothing verbal that she says when she wants to nurse.

    Nothing really non-verbal, either, though. lol. I nurse her about 3-4 times a...
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    Re: Is this normal?

    I think one of DD's most "colorful" poops was from some pot pie that I had made. I used a bag of frozen mixed veggies that included carrots, peas and corn. And sure enough a day or so later, in the...
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    Re: chicken

    The first chicken DD had was one of those deli rotisserie chickens. Even now, she will open her mouth for a bite if I offer one to her (no matter what the bite is of... or even if there's no bite at...
  18. Re: When will she learn what a mouthful is?

    She's not talking or signing yet, although "more" is one of the signs I'm trying to teach her. If I wait for her to sign and she does in fact want more, she just howls at me instead. lol
  19. When will she learn what a mouthful is?

    I'll let DD eat some Goldfish crackers or Cheerios, and she will take the WHOLE amount I give her (it's about 1/4 cup), and handful by handful, stuff it ALL in her mouth at once. Then her mouth is...
  20. Now it's really going to get interesting.... (teeth!)

    So my poor DD. She's always been a smiley, happy baby, but for the longest time would rarely laugh. Then today she was laughing at the most random things (like how I was taking the diapers, one by...
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    Re: water?

    This is what we do. I "evaulate" what DD is eating, and if I were eating the same thing and feel like it would make my mouth dry or the food hard to swallow w/o a li'l sip, then I offer her a li'l...
  22. Re: Solids vs. BM at 1 year - Confused need help

    This link on kellymom says that toddler breastmilk has more calories and fat than even whole cows' milk, so the lack of dairy isn't to "blame."

    My DD is WAY below the bottom percentile line in...
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    Re: Milk supply decrease after 1 yr?

    I'm only nursing (no pumping), but feel like I'm going through the same thing. When DD nurses, sometimes she'll take FOREVER to get to a letdown, or not get to a letdown at all. I don't know if...
  24. When did your LO's learn that your boobs were in fact under your shirt?

    DD is 12 months old, and as far as I can tell, she has no idea where my breasts are. Once one is within sight, she definitely knows that milk comes from it and she latches on in a hurry, but if...
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    Re: 11 months old not using sippy cup

    DD and I have gone through a BIG journey of trying to find a sippy she'd drink out of. I started at 9 months I think, and got hard-spouted sippies and soft-spouted sippies (both Gerber). I tried...
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