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  1. How often is your 8 month old nursing?

    Is he/she sleeping through the night? If so, often?
  2. Co-sleepers...do you switch breasts throughout

    the night? My son wakes up NUMEROUS times during the night and I switch him each time....which means me picking him up and shifting him over to the other side. Is this really necessary??
  3. Re: HELP!!!!! 8 month old waking 5x a night!!!!

    Thank you so much. I agree, I really need to stop obsessing over the clock. I think that I just want to see how long he is sleeping, so I keep looking to see if maybe this time he slept a little...
  4. HELP!!!!! 8 month old waking 7x a night!!!!

    So we have our 8 month old co-sleeping with us. He wakes up to nurse about 5x a night!! Here's an example from last night so you can see I'm not being unreasonable!
    Down to sleep at 8pm
    Up at...
  5. PLEASE HELP--- 2 month old does not sleep more

    than 3 hours consecutively during the night! I put him down, 3 hours later, he is up crying wanting to eat. He eats then its down for another 2... this happens about 3 times during the night. Then...
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    Hair Loss??

    So I'm weaning a bit... but my hair has been falling out so badly again... I had this at like 3 months post partum, and now at 12months its happening again... I only dropped one nursing session......
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    Re: Weaning and Drop in Hormones

    Thanks so much for the advice... we are in the process of weaning right now!!
  8. Re: Can you please show me what your nursing "schedule" looks like for the day?

    Wow, okay... thanks ladies... I guess I should not complain about DD's nursing schedule... it seems like it could be a lot more!! Now I feel better! Thanks!!
  9. Can you please show me what your nursing "schedule" looks like for the day?

    My DD (12 months) is still waking up during the night... I'm wondering if its my schedule.... here's what it looks like:

    7-8am Wake up- Nurse
    9-9:30- Breakfast
    11:00- Nap
    12:00- Nurse
  10. She bit me yesterday and I bled a tiny bit...

    and now it hurts since yesterday and I cringe everytime I put her on that breast and even the thought of putting her on it hurts... what should I do???
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    Re: Weaning and Drop in Hormones

    DD is 9 months... I am planning on bfing until she is 1 year... however, I may let her self-wean...Right now I'm just getting myself prepared either way, kwim? I don't really have a plan yet, just...
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    Weaning and Drop in Hormones

    Hi, I am thinking about weaning my daughter... however, I am nervous because I deal with panic attacks and I get really bad PMS... I've read that sometimes weaning can make those things worse. I...
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    Irregular Menstruation Cycles?

    So my menstrual cycle returned, and the first month it arrived 28 days (which is normal for me), second month it arrived 27 days, last month 25 days... and now this month, I'm on day 33 and it still...
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    BF Moms of 4-5 Month olds.

    How many hours does your child go between Breastfeeding sessions? And how long are each session?
  15. Bf'ing my 3 month old... she is getting very upset...

    For the past two days... she is like hysterical when I try to feed her... she'll take it with no problem first thing in the morning... but then for the rest of the day its a crap shoot... one minute...
  16. Re: I am so confused... re: my milk supply

    Thank you so much everyone!!! I feel much better!!:D
  17. I am so confused... re: my milk supply

    So I wanted to see how much milk I am producing... so I pumped for 15 mins... I got 2 ounces... then I waited 2 hours and I pumped again for another 15 mins... I got 2 ounces again. My daughter is...
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    Re: Sore nipples!!

    Hi! The pain stops shortly after the latch on... maybe a minute or so... no cracks, bleeding or anything like that.. I've seen the LC's in the hospital and they all said that the latch looked good. ...
  19. I prefer to use my nipple shield!

    I finally at 5 weeks, weaned my daughter off the shield, but my nipples have been soooooooooooooo sore for like 4 days!! Finally today, I put the shield back on and there was no pain! What should I...
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    Sore nipples!!

    I have been breastfeeding my 1month 4day old since birth... however, I recently stopped using the shield and she is now successfully nursing without it! BUT... ever since, my nipples are extremely...
  21. Should I just exclusively breastfeed?

    My daughter is one month old today and everytime I breastfeed, she falls asleep no matter what I do (cold rag, undress etc...)... I let her stay on but I'm sitting there for an hour, and then when I...
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    Re: Confused a bit...

    Great! this really helps!! I've been pumping, then feeding the bottle to her... I will stop doing that.. instead, I will pump, freeze it and then when she wakes, I will feed her directly from the...
  23. Re: Help With Pumping And Feeding!

    Thanks so much everyone!!
  24. Re: Help With Pumping And Feeding!

    Thanks! I have been doing that... but if I pump when I letdown, will there still be enough when she wakes up?:confused:
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    Confused a bit...

    Yesterday, the dr said that we should start feeding DD on demand... that we dont have to wake her up anymore to feed her, that she will let us know. Well, the problem I'm having today is that my milk...
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