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    Re: washing mouth out?

    off the subject too...

    my six yr old lost his last tooth in a bar of soap...:lol

    he said "what the h-ll" and when I jerked my head around, he said "icopter" looking up into the sky... clever...
  2. Re: Baby squirmy, pulling at breast

    Welcome to LLL!:welcome
    Wow! You have terrific endurance! Way to stick w/ it!
    I wish I had some amazing advice for you...
    The only thing I can think for you to try is slow deep breathing during...
  3. Re: What are some fun first foods you've given your lo?

    Ok...I had never heard of BLS until now! We tried it a couple of times yesterday and he did great with his apple and carrot. It still makes me nervous though. (about choking) I'm sure I'll do mostly...
  4. What are some fun first foods you've given your lo?

    Ok, we usually just do regular jars of baby food, but occasionally we mush or blend up something we're eating like potatoes or cantaloupe.
    We're big believers in eating a lot of variety, so I just...
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    Re: New Here

    I would think if you continued to pump the same amount of time or a couple min longer as he gets older you should do great, b/c he could start taking a jar of baby food at 6 mo plus the...
  6. Re: Weaning 8 mo old and need formula tips

    Thanks for the link! OMG! That article made me never want to let any kind of formula touch his lips!! That is crazy! And goats milk is out for sure! A friend of mine told me yesterday that it can...
  7. Re: So Mad!!!! Pl Help Me Think Straight...

    Oh and one other thing that has helped dd is to take a stool softener myself. Just seems to soften his play-dough poo if YKWIM.
  8. Re: So Mad!!!! Pl Help Me Think Straight...

    I could do a little ranting about my doctor experiences as well! I hate that you had to pay (not just see) such a butthead!!

    I will be following your thread b/c your dd's poop and feed schedule...
  9. Weaning 8 mo old and need formula tips

    On baby number 4 I just knew I would nurse until his 1st birthday, and I still may, but only time will tell. However, I am ready to start cutting a few feedings out and using formula or milk.
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    Re: Stubborn Thrush?

    I found this guys information to be helpful after my 7 month battle with thrush. My heart goes out to you!
    (I copied and pasted this article which was sent to me in an email today.)

    Thrush is a...
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    Re: Corn and green peas question

    That's crazy her lo turned orange like! Watch your lo or you'll have a green monster on your hands! LOL! J/K
    Good luck!
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    Re: Corn and green peas question

    My son is 7 months (atleast for one more day-- got to hold on to every moment, right ;) ) and not only have we given it to him from the baby food jars, but we grew it in the backyard for the first...
  13. Re: Home Remedies/Suggestions for my case?

    Thank you all so much for all of your responses, links and advice! I love having the LLL forum at my fingertips all the time! I don't know what I did without it with my first two!
    I continued the...
  14. Home Remedies/Suggestions for my case?

    I feel like mastitis is coming on. I feel achy and I feel like my left breast has been drop kicked.:(
    My question is, is there a way to get rid of or fight off mastitis before a full blown attack?...
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    Re: constipation and solids

    You could try prunes mixed in with what you give him or even waterted down prune juice in a bottle. The main thing is to incorporate liquid through out the day through extra bfing or diluted juice.
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    Re: Biting

    Like the pp, what always worked for me was to break the suction and (by doctor's advice) poke the inside of their cheek just firm enough to make it unpleasent and firmly say "no".
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    Re: Tanning?

    All I can say is that I got the ok from my doctor, and so I did. I never had a problem. I just kept my nipples covered and never let them touch the bed.
  18. Re: The return of Stupid Lefty (silly)

    I had a cousin that quit producing milk completely on her left side and only had the right side to nurse on. She wore a "dummy" on the left in her bra, but I never asked her what she did at the...
  19. Re: Any treatments okay for athletes foot while BF

    There are tons of creams that they recommended for your nipples (that are anti-fungal) when you have thrush, so I would assume that most of the common athletes foot creams are safe for your feet as...
  20. Re: thrush in my breast and babys mouth

    I've battled thrush off and on (mostly off for the past few months) since my 7mo old was born. There are a lot of threads on thrush with some REALLY helpful advice on here. Just do a search for...
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    Re: warm it up?

    You could, I never did, but I never warm up baby food either. I might be wrong, but I think it's a personal preference thing.
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    Re: Red bumps on areola

    You don't think it's thrush do you? Any shooting pains in breast or white patches in DD mouth? Sometimes, there are hardly any symptoms, sometimes, there are a slew.
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    Re: Snack ideas

    I'll be watching this post for ideas too!

    Maybe you could send cut up fruit or veggies and one of those mesh net food holders to put them in.
  24. Re: When did you (or did you) stop offering only one new food at a time?

    Any food he's had can be mixed with other new foods. (Like if DD has had bananas then you can try bananas & peaches.) If allergies don't run anywhere in your family then it's not that big of deal,...
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    Re: Biting! what to do?

    Yeah it always seems to be when they have gotten the edge off of their hunger and begin to think about making their gums feel better. My third LO did it for the 1st time the other day and man can...
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