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  1. Re: Mixing expressed breastmilk from different dates?

    I don't know if its supposed to be ok or not, but I can tell you that I have done it many, many times and my son is perfectly fine. As long as the milk is still within the allowable days in the...
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    Re: More & More nightfeeding..

    My son did the same thing...right when I went back to work at 12 weeks. He started out waking once a night...then more and more and more. Now at almost 11 months he is still waking every 1.5...
  3. Re: Almost 11 month of BFing and left breast is crapping out on me!

    Thanks Nicole...you know I would suspect my pump except my right boobs output is fabulous like always. But you never know...I am trying anything to keep pumping till he's a year.
  4. Almost 11 month of BFing and left breast is crapping out on me!

    I don't know what the heck is going on, but in the past 2 weeks my left breast has had a serious decrease in output. Nothing has changed at all. My son will be 11m on the 29th and I've been BFing...
  5. Re: Cutting back on Pumping as part of weaning

    I don't think I made it clear...I also BF him when I am at home...evening before bed, through the night and in the AM when we wake up.
  6. Cutting back on Pumping as part of weaning

    Hi all! This question is for women who've pumped and weaned babies.

    My son is 10 months old today. He was exclusively breastfed till I returned to work when he was 12 weeks old...so I have been...
  7. Re: Dd not sleeping through the night, still. HELP

    I feel your pain...my son is 10 months and has been doing what your DD is doing for months on end. I could have written your exact post! I work full time though and DH is a SAHD. There are some...
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    Red areas on skin of breast?

    This morning when I got my shower I noticed a few red areas on the skin of my left breast (topside). It almost looks like a sunburn, but the patches are small...the size of a quarter to half dollar....
  9. Re: My 10 months-old breastfed every hour last night

    I agree on the all night buffet and smelling the milk. I might even have proof! :lol

    My son refuses to sleep in his crib. I WOH and my DH is a SAHD. So after lo goes to sleep, nursing at the...
  10. Re: Rolled off the bed in his sleep!

    I use this bedrail and had great success with it. It's extra long and tall!

  11. Re: Anyone have diminishing supply after MANY months of pumping at work?

    I have a suspicion that AF is involved here...or will be, I should say. It would be my first AF PP. I do have some tenderness and even nipple tenderness while LO is nursing. I posted about that...
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    Beer for increasing supply?

    Has anyone tried drinking one beer a day to increase supply? Just curious...
  13. Anyone have diminishing supply after MANY months of pumping at work?

    I don't know what is going on with me, but after 6.5 months of successfully pumping at work (3X a day), it appears that my supply is suffering. I used to get at least 12 oz a day, but now I am...
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    Re: Baby pulls away

    If I recall correctly, my son went through a phase of that at around 3-4 months. It was really annoying. He eventually stopped doing it though. I can't recall why he did it (or if I ever really...
  15. Re: Sore nipples at 9+ months?? Anyone?

    Oh I SO HOPE you are right...I was thinking maybe that had something to do with it...although I haven't officially seen the old red witch yet...lol.

  16. Re: Sore nipples at 9+ months?? Anyone?

    I should add...I was just pumping and watching the left nip (I only pump one breast per sesssion) and the left side of the nipple was "spraying" well, but the right side was dribbling...not spraying...
  17. Sore nipples at 9+ months?? Anyone?

    I've been lucky to have never really dealt with nipple soreness, outside of 2 milk blisters while I was on maternity leave. But all of a sudden, at 9.5 months, my nipples get irritated fairly early...
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    Re: Bras bras bras

    I used to and hated it. The past several months though I have thrown caution to the wind and gone bra free at night. Feels so good and worth the chance of a leak. My son nurses so frequently at...
  19. Re: Poll: How long have you gone with no AF?

    For the record...I don't WANT her back really, I just need her for baby #2...

    I worry about the "when will she show" part too...I always wear a liner just in case (TMI I guess).
  20. Poll: How long have you gone with no AF?

    I am 18.5 months from conception to present....no sign of her although I need her soon so I can TTC!! :whine
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    Re: Can stress affect supply?

    I wish I could! We've lost 4 key team members off our project in less than a year and noone has been replaced. All their work gets dumped on everyone else. The project manager is useless... I...
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    Can stress affect supply?

    My job has become very stressful in the past 2 weeks. With no end in sight...I'd get a new job if I could find something that paid as well (I am the breadwinner) but that is unlikely.

    Since I've...
  23. Interesting buy at Target (esp for BFing moms!!)

    I bought some organic granola today at Target with blueberries and almonds. It has oatmeal in it of course, which is good for milk supply, but it also had...dum-ta-dah....fenugreek! I almost fell...
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    Re: constipation????

    We've been dealing with that lately too..I read on Dr. Sears that you can give your lo 1 tsp flaxseed oil a day and that will help keep things moving. Plus its good for them (omega 3 fatty acids)......
  25. Re: Do 8-9 month old babies need more milk?

    He does get some solids, but he's so-so on them. Some days he eats (solids) really good and other days he could care less about them. I actually think he will do much better once he can eat...
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