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  1. Ameda Pump not working and need suggestions

    I have been using an Ameda Purely Yours Ultra for the last six months and today during my lunch pump it stopped working. I turn it on, the light turns on, it sounds like it is about to start, you...
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    WIC & baby food

    Baby is 6 months and has shown the signs of being ready for solids since about 5 months. I had in mind to do baby led solids and do my own baby food if needed. I actually qualified for WIC and now...
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    Re: huge supply drop

    I have been using a Ameda Purely Yours Ultra since a little before two week after labor (had to go back to school). I think it is a hospital grade pump but I am not sure.
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    Re: huge supply drop

    I only gave him baby cereal like three times. He doesn't sttn.
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    huge supply drop

    . About a couple of weeks ago I started sensing a supply drop. This became even more evident as my stash of empty bottles keeps growing. I had always been using one days bottle the next day and...
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    Re: How to organize frozen milk

    I actually store in bottles. I put the date on a sticky post its (some that are long, narrow, and pull off easily) or I have been using a piece of tape (with my first I used only masking tape with...
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    Valve in frozen breastmilk

    On Friday when I pumped the valve accidently fell into the bottle of breastmilk. Because I was in a hurry to head back to work I told myself I would take it out at home before I stored the milk or...
  8. Re: pumping/supply & baby intake concerns

    I have tried to pump twice while away but not sucessfull yet as I get a fixed schedule (I am Counselor Intern at several different schools and have had different meetings all week). I will keep...
  9. pumping/supply & baby intake concerns

    I am going to try to be brief because I can go on for ever put provide enough info. I have a four month old baby boy

    Two weeks after birth I had to return to school so started pumping and...
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