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    Re: We made it to 2!

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    Re: Nipple pain...at 14 months?

    plugged duct or yeast?

    get it checked out soon!:yikes
  3. Supplementing vitamins with iron????

    Our ped suggested back when DD was 9 months to begin iron multivitamin drops. She said we could do a blood test but that involved drawing from her arm :cry
    DD is now 17 months and since then every...
  4. Re: 10mos and still sleeping on me!!!

    Thanks ladies! It's always good to know there are others out there doing the same thing, thinking the same thing. Im going to continue to nap/nurse and sleep/nurse because it's the easiest way for...
  5. 10mos and still sleeping on me!!!

    My baby is 10mo now and enjoys falling asleep in my lap (nursing) and taking all naps (nursing, or at least latched on most of the time). I try to put her down on a soft blanket or pillow but she...
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