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  1. Re: 9 month old not gaining enough weight

    I want to share this fantastic article from pediatrician Jay Gordon, MD: http://drjaygordon.com/newborns/scales.htmlHe talks about the very concern you are having which I myself have had with my two...
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    3 month old hates bottles!

    Hi! I have not posted in so long. This is my second baby, DS, 3 months old. My first is 3.5 and weaned during my pregnancy. DS2 is so great at breastfeeding, from day one. He latched on within an...
  3. Re: weaning a toddler that has history of delayed eating sol

    I'm curious too - eating purees at this point? I think my son stopped purees by about 11 months, and at that point it was only stuff that made sense to be more mashed, like sweet potatoes. I find if...
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    Re: Pump weaning

    Great to hear your support. It's actually at 21 months that I pump weaned, not 15. Yes I pumped for almost 2 years! So far everything is okay and I notice he nurses more and longer when I get home...
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    Pump weaning

    Hi there mamas!

    It has been so long since I posted or even read the forums. Maybe because around 15 months everything was great with nursing DS and it's like second nature. I have just pump...
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    Re: 9 mo gripping with teeth

    I wonder if this might be related to new teeth? Have you seen an IBCLC?
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    Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    ...your 20 month old DS tries to figure out if he can nurse your very soft and squishy belly with all its lovely stretch marks and dimples! It's so funny that he has started to be really focused on...
  8. Re: Help! My 8 week old son is fussy and hungry most of the

    Wow me too! I wish we also lived in families where no one questioned each other's parenting techniques and where grandparents were just that and not trying to "re-parent" and fix what they did wrong...
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    Re: Pump reviews/comparisons

    I have this one I think - is it the WIC pump? It's like the PIS in almost every way but comes in a very ugly bag and as you said, is free. It has served me faithfully for over one year, with a change...
  10. Re: Urge to nurse more than toddler wants!

    I do know from personal experience and from my work (I am a therapist too) that distraction doesn't work essentially because it is just that - a distraction from what is really underlying. For me, I...
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    Question about date night

    So, my DH and I rarely if ever go out at night since my 19 month old is still very much tied to me putting him down at night in our family bed. But a nice opportunity came up and my in-laws will be...
  12. Re: Milk almost completely stopped after sickness/birth cont

    Also nursing frequently by baby can also be a sign of a growth spurt in my experience.
  13. Re: Milk almost completely stopped after sickness/birth cont

    You can always bring back your supply, and some people do even after months. The single best way to do it is nurse, nurse, nurse! Let your baby nurse round the clock, take a nursing vacation (like...
  14. Re: Stop pumping and only using donor milk beginning 9 mo

    Couple of clarifying questions mama,

    Are you talking about exclusive pumping? Do you nurse from the breast too? Because you said "I only pump 10 oz and receive donor milk to make up for another...
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    Re: Playing with nipples

    It sounds like you are experiencing some significant irritation from this behavior! It is really annoying that is for sure, especially when you want to set limits but not wean. I wonder if by this...
  16. Re: Horrible nipple soreness at 17 months!!

    :lol that sounds like me at this point though my libido is starting to creep back in at 19 months pp!
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    Re: Growth spurt?

    If there's one thing I've learned it's that baby sleep habits, and toddlers for that matter, never stay consistent! I mean, they do get better, but all those things the PP said seem to impact it. My...
  18. Re: Is it time to stop the madness? or at least dial it down

    Hey there! I am actually a mental health therapist and social worker and I too struggled with the anxiety about milk. Mine was around making enough but I think it affected let down. I have odd...
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    Re: very low milk supply at 6 weeks

    Hi! Wow mama you are amazing and I just wanted to provide you with encouragement and a virtual hug. I had a really hard time too but it did get better, with a lot of focus on nursing (you've already...
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    Re: Pumping at night

    What is your sleeping arrangement like these days? It's possible that if you provided the caregiver with 12 ounces instead of 15 and then let him tell you when he was hungry, he'd probably nurse more...
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    Re: 36 hour trip--is pumping necessary?

    Can you self express? By hand I mean? I never figured out how but if you can no need to bring the pump. It might be good to have something just in case you get really full and it hurts, or worse,...
  22. Re: 12 month old refusing expressed milk-please help!

    Most likely not, that is really young. It is common however, for young toddlers to reject expressed breast milk. It doesn't mean they are weaning, and it sounds like he still likes to nurse. In fact,...
  23. Re: The most beautiful comment on nursing

    That is so great. I have trouble with a close friend who is really judgmental about me still nursing my 18 month old (really? He is not even considered "extended" in my book until we go past 2!) She...
  24. Re: Enjoying EBF, but I want my body back!

    It sounds like you are definitely conflicted. What would help sway you towards sticking with it for at least one year? Formula just does not offer the necessary building blocks for life as breast...
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    Re: Baby Slings

    Have you looked into the Moby? I found that affordable and easy to nurse in, but then graduated to the ErgoBaby, which is pricier but my absolute favorite, and is definitely nursing friendly! You can...
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