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    Re: chamomile tea

    I'm in the same boat as you sista :( ..... my LO wakes up every 1-2 hrs and is 9.5 months old, I wish she would sleep longer but she seems famished when I feed her so I guess she really is hungry...I...
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    Re: Funny things your LO does...

    Aww, love this thread! My DD just turned 9 months and she recently learned how to blow kisses by sucking her lips together, and so this is her new cute thing she does while nursing, sometimes she'll...
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    So I am returning back to work next month and have decided that I am going to try and wean DD off of her nursing sessions during the day - she usually nurses once when she gets up, then before her...
  4. Re: Help! Night time feedings and sleep

    Thanks ladies for all the responses, many of you suggest co-sleeping which we have done up until a couple weeks ago at which point DD now decided to roll over and crawl away while I was sleeping...
  5. Help! Night time feedings and sleep

    Need help! My DD is 8 months old and just learned to crawl and pull her self up standing - oh and she cut her first tooth, it's been quite the month for her. She is a terrible sleeper, going to bed...
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    Re: Poop Explosion

    Don't forget to put the clothes in the sun after washing, magically removes any remaining poop stains washing didn't get rid of! :)
  7. Re: Question #3 - Sorry if this has been asked before!

    I am bf'ing on demand and my LO is now 8 months old. My period appeared at the 5 month postpartum mark but now has seemed to have vanished..I've taken numerous pregnancy tests (all negative, whew) so...
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    Re: Question for the cosleepers

    I have another question for those cosleeping. We just recently started doing so around the 4 month mark, now DD is 6 months. How many of you had trouble getting baby to sleep in their own bed once...
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    Re: gentian violet ?'s

    Just wanted to say we had to use gentian violet a while ago and it does come out of clothes if you use baby oxi clean on the stain :)
  10. Very stinky poops and toots - normal?

    Ok, so my DD is soon almost 6 months old and for the past week has been stinking up the whole house with her very stinky farts and poops lol. At first we all thought it was pretty funny, but now i'm...
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    Re: hands in mouth while feeding

    I am now battling the same thing only worse! LO is 5 1/2 months old and she started doing that a couple weeks ago! She started out with pinching with her other hand, to having her other hand in MY...
  12. Re: Need help 4 wk old w/ thrush won't eat

    Thrush sucks! We've gone through a couple bouts here and it is soooo stressfull! Anyhow, what I found that works is pumping and giving LO the bottle, or if you don't want to pump wait until LO is...
  13. Re: I feel like we're going to have thrush forever!

    Also try diluting liquid GSE and applying it to your nipples and inside LO's mouth - dilute 10 drops in 1 oz of water for the first day and apply to LO's mouth every waking hour and to your nipples. ...
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    Re: How to tell if breast is empty

    Baby is 3 months old.
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    How to tell if breast is empty

    Hi All,

    I am just wondering how moms here can tell if a breast is empty before/after a feed. I usually just feed from one breast per session and switch to the other breast for the next session,...
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    Re: Pinching

    Smart babies! Mine does the same thing, my let-down happens much quicker now because of the tugging and pinching. I pull down my shirt over the breast that isn't being used so that she doesn't...
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    Re: washing mouth out?

    No, we just got over thrush - we did an intensive week of gentian violet, apno, grapefruit seed extract etc. I just had people tell me that their baby never ever got thrush because they washed out...
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    washing mouth out?

    Does anyone here swab the inside of their baby's mouth after a feeding? I've had several people tell me to do this inorder to prevent thrush??
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    Re: Treating thrush question

    I second the Grapefruit Seed Extract supplements - helped clear up our case too! I also added plain yougurt with probiotics (or acidophilus)...
  20. Re: pulling and thrashing on the breast

    I think the thrush if bad enough is very painful for the baby, it's like having open sores in your mouth and trying to eat. My doc said that for some babies a mild case of thrush doesn't bother...
  21. Re: pulling and thrashing on the breast

    I think the thrush if bad enough is very painful for the baby, it's like having open sores in your mouth and trying to eat. My doc said that for some babies a mild case of thrush doesn't bother...
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    My 10 weeks old LO gets the hiccups so often I am wondering what is causing them. I thought it might have been because she didn't get enough to drink but I try putting her back on the breast but she...
  23. Re: pulling and thrashing on the breast

    That sounds like my 10 week old!, i went to see a LN and she diagnosed thrush - after giving LO gentian violet and treating myself my LO is happily back to breastfeeding ( took about 1 week) without...
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    Re: Trouble at the pump

    Ah :), yes I always pump and give her the bottle within a couple hours of pumping it. Since I am trying to get her back on the breast exclusively, my routine is to try and breast feed her and once...
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    Re: Trouble at the pump

    Oh no! Really?! I guess that makes sense (not pumping and storing) but if I don't pump and feed her the pumped milk she wouldn't get enough to eat since she has so little when she bfs. I am really...
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