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    Re: I miss underwire!

    I agree with punky. Just give it a try & see how it goes. I "tested" after my gal turned 1 and have not looked back since, hehe. Good luck!
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    Re: pump parts in fridge?

    I am using Medela PISA & I've stored my pump parts (those that come in contact with milk) in the fridge during the day for the past 20 months with no issues. I just wash & sterilize them once I'm...
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    Re: Is night feedings ok at 14months??

    I am still nursing my 20 months old :D. I am away full day at work & that's our "special" time. Although I am dead tired (she wakes up 2-3 times a night), wont trade it for anything else!
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    Re: Weight loss and BF

    I am pumping 4X per day at work (Mon-Fri) & nurses the rest of the time. So far, my weight drop has been tremendous - I am now only 42kg/93lbs (post partum weight was 53kg). No matter how much I eat,...
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    Re: Fenugreek Not Working?

    Thank you for your replies. Ok, maybe that's why I dont seem to have any "success" by taking fenugreek alone. Will try to find out we have blessed thistle for sale here or not (I am from the other...
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    Re: menstruation question

    You ladies are so "lucky". Mine came back 3rd month pp & have been regular since 6th months pp, ugh!
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    Fenugreek Not Working?

    Hi Ladies,

    I have been taking fenugreek pills for the past 2 weeks but I cant see any difference in my supply :cry. During week 1, I took 3 caps of 610mg 3X a day. Since I didnt notice any...
  8. Re: How Frequently Will I Pump for a 1 Year Old?

    Thanks for the tips & link. She'll nurse around 4 times (sometimes more) when I am home from evening until the next morning.

    From the list of food, it's a bit difficult to incorporate those listed...
  9. Re: How Frequently Will I Pump for a 1 Year Old?

    She's eating 2 solids meal per day total & that 2 solids meal is taken at sitter's cos I am away from her from 8am til 7pm Mon to Fri. Actually I should be more clear in my 1st posting - my baby's...
  10. Re: How Frequently Will I Pump for a 1 Year Old?

    I feel like I am the oddball after reading all your posts cos I am still pumping 4x at work for DD who is 16 months. I still gotta send 16oz to the babysitter each day (DD is taking 2 solids meal)....
  11. Re: Should I Add Additional Pumping Sessions?

    Ok. I think I'll have to lug the breastpump home everyday now, hehe. As for DH, he does help but not all the time cos he need to work at home too.

    Will try fenugreek too. Thanks for sharing with...
  12. Re: Should I Add Additional Pumping Sessions?

    Yes, 14 mths going to be 15 mths soon. Nope, she still nurses at night.

    Hmm....I would say no about extra stress cos I am tired all the time (from work + house...
  13. Should I Add Additional Pumping Sessions?

    Hi ladies,

    I am new to the board but have been lurking around for quite some time. This forum helped me a lot with my breastfeeding journey & I am grateful to everyone for this.

    A little...
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