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  1. Re: fast let down or too much production???

    I am not frequently engorged or uncomfortably full. I have had a few plugs here and there and just pumped for a few minutes after he nursed and they went away. My breasts do soften after nursing. So...
  2. Re: fast let down or too much production???

    [QUOTE=@llli*tclynx;1340302]Is nursing comfortable?
    How is his weight gain?
    Has he been checked for tongue or lip ties?
    Do you feel like you have too much production, if so what makes you feel...
  3. Re: What is the most supportive and comfortable nursing bra?

    I really love the ones they sell at target and walmart. They are very affordable and they have clips at the top so you can just in clip the front of the bra from the rest of it and allow your many to...
  4. fast let down or too much production???

    My 2 week old son is choking at the breast and getting frustrated. I cannot figure out if my issue is too much milk or from a really fast let down? How do I know the difference and how can I solve...
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