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  1. Re: Extreme oversupply in right breast!

    Thanks for the help, ladies. I appreciate it. I'm stumped too! :shrug

    She has barely had any bottles, probably around 10 total in her life. I've only used them as backup if she was choking really...
  2. Re: Extreme oversupply in right breast!


    I'm still having issues...Pumping only a few oz once every 12 hours helped, so I gradually went back to nursing on that side once every 8/9 hours because I don't want to accidentally dry...
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    Re: Yasmin Question

    I used to always get a headache in the first 3-5 days of pills when I was on Yasmin. Happened almost every single month, I took it for 4 years. Definitely a possibility for you!
  4. Extreme oversupply in right breast!

    My little one is 12 weeks, and I have struggled with OALD and have always had a more plentiful supply on my right side than my left. My left tends to run on the normal to low side. I have block fed...
  5. thrush and more thrush...discouraged. :(

    I need some encouragement. I'm frustrated and discouraged right now.

    During my pregnancy, I had issues with recurrent vaginal yeast infections (not unusual), but I also ended up getting oral and...
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