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    Re: Vitamin D?

    I was told the same thing, but opted not to supplement because I determined that the amount of sun exposure was sufficient. Between our walks, trips to the park/zoo, and errands, I figured she was...
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    Re: Out of options..

    If you decide to give a bottle, I would start with any breastmilk you have saved up and try to keep the bottle size small (1-2oz). I can sometimes nurse my daughter and then give her a little topper...
  3. Re: Back to work & away from baby for 16 hours

    Based on your job, I would think that lots of little breaks might work best for you. Definitely use phone calls as an opportunity to pump in a private room. Even if you only get 5-10 minutes. Those...
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    Re: Proper way to freeze milk?

    I never freeze two bags next to each other at the same time, but I have frozen a bag next to another frozen bag or in between two frozen bags. I freeze them standing up in a container that...
  5. Re: Supply drop at 10 months... any other recommendations?

    If I understand, your baby is going to bed for the night around 6pm with one overnight feeding and is nursing okay when you are together. There are two different ideas I have. First, you could add...
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    Re: conundrum

    If you are last pumping at 10am and not having your first feeding till 2pm, that should be plenty of time for your breasts to refill. I think it is more likely that baby is getting slightly overfed...
  7. Re: How to use freezer milk without jeopardizing supply?

    Why do you only have 30 days? Frozen milk is good for 6 months in a regular freezer. Are you going back to work soon because that would be a great opportunity to give frozen milk and freeze what you...
  8. Re: Break up with the pump!! I want to ebf

    Sounds like you are making enough milk for your baby and might now have an oversupply if you are pumping and baby is not always needing that milk. First thing I would recommend is to immediately...
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    Re: Baby not swallowing?

    Why are you taking him off the breast? Is he happy once you put him back on? Sounds like he might just want to suck some more even though he might be done eating. Let him stay on even if he is...
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    Re: Bottle troubles! Returning to work

    We had trouble with my second daughter and tried different bottles. I basically returned to work with her not really taking much from a bottle. The first day was rough on daddy and she only took...
  11. Re: Milk almost completely stopped after sickness/birth cont

    I just wanted to add that I think every breastfeeding mom has gone through a period where they were convinced they didn't have enough milk for their baby during those evening hours. Just nurse nurse...
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    Re: Trouble getting enough supply to EBF

    I think a Lactation Aid would be a great option for you. Baby is already nursing great so why not supplement at the breast so baby gets the needed milk, but you get the much needed stimulation. ...
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    Re: pumping on vanpool

    I would only do it if everyone in the vanpool was comfortable with it. You are asking people in a confined space to listen to your pump for 20 minutes as well as deal with the awkwardness of what...
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    Re: Having trouble building stash

    Just pump once a day for about an ounce and then freeze every 2-3 days. Just try to fit it in whenever (i.e. morning, afternoon nap). It might seem really small, but it will amount to 2-3 bottles...
  15. Re: I know my storage bags aren't leaking!! I'm losing my mi

    I know you said that they matched up but what did you compare? My 5oz medela bottles overestimate and so do my Lansinoh bags. I actually use the 2.5 oz Medela bottles for measuring as the taller,...
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    Re: Time of day?

    This day vs night milk talk is crazy. My daughter has been fussy last couple of nights and not patient for my letdown so I have done a small (~1.5oz) bottle of "day" milk to get her to sleep and...
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    Re: Going back to work at a hospital

    I work in a hospital and figuring out pump times was one of the biggest stressors before returning with my first daughter. First, having supportive coworkers is very important. My coworkers always...
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    Re: Thinking of weaning at 8 wks

    I also work in healthcare and understand the frustrations of finding time to pump. But I remind myself that refuse to let my coworkers and work dictate what I feed my child especially when the law...
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    Re: How soon did you go back to work?

    I would take as much time as you can. Work runs our lives enough as is, so don't let it determine you spending this precious time with your baby. Things do start to get better around two months. If...
  20. Re: Getting Baby to take Expressed BM

    I agree that it is very weird for her to take the formula without hesitation and not your breastmilk. I agree to taste the milk and see if it tastes bad. It could be a lipase problem like mommal...
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    Re: Pump help

    First, I think the Medela pump you have is the new version Medela is making for insurance companies. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the PISA you find in the store so it is cheaper for...
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    Re: Not pumping enough for 10 month old

    I remember that I took a dip around that time as well and that was with using a symphony the whole time.

    If you think it was the pump that caused your drop, could you rent a symphony? I know it...
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    Re: Freezer Stash Gone

    Get ready to hear it, but that is a huge bottle. I know every baby is different, but I can't imagine that your little one transfers that much milk during a normal nursing session. Even if you just...
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    Re: Preparing to return to work

    I will tell you about my experience. First, my daughter still prefers mommy to the bottle any day (including after my 12 hr shifts). But I think a lot of this has to do with how we bottle feed her....
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    Re: Breastfeeding and sleeping

    I have been where you have been. I didn't mind cosleeping, but we were waking and nursing all night and I was really exhausted. What worked for us was a combination of bedtime routine, Ferber...
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