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    Re: 17 times so far....

    My LO would eat about 15 times per day up until she was 3 to 3 1/2 mos and now it's about every 3 hours so it really does get better!!!
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    Re: hm...overweight?lol

    Not even an issue! My dear sweet delicate flower of a daughter was 17 lbs by 3 mos!!:lol Go Go Mother's Milk!:love
  3. Re: great procedure results, cleared to oral feed ... FINALLY!

    Really great news! Congratulations:clap and best of luck to you and the LO -- suck away baby!!!:gvibes
  4. Re: HELP!! Newborn constantly nursing...not enough supply?

    At 11 days it's really all feeding, comfort, feeding, comfort, sleep. I was a human paci for AT LEAST 2 months and yes, it can get frustrating. It doesn't last forever, though. We tried pacifiers and...
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    Re: HELP...sleep issues

    I had really big problems with that starting at 2 mos. I ended up getting mine on a "schedule" -- short nap (30 min) in the morning, longer nap (1.5 hr) at lunchtime, and another short nap in the...
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    Re: Combining milk??

    I've done it at home, but check with your daycare. Mine won't re-refridgerate but will re-offer a room temp bottle within one hour. After that its trashed.:cry So far this hasn't happened to me for...
  7. Re: 1st timer having issues...please help! (Sorry for length)

    Congratulations and great job so far! This is a great resource - I used it a bunch once I found it.

    I agree with everything but would reinforce putting the baby on the breast as much as possible...
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    Re: Help with the Scheduling

    I pump about every three hours while I'm at work and used these sites to guesstimate how much milk to put in per bottle. I usually only have time to pump for 10 minutes max but that has so far given...
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    Re: Day Care wants me to add rice cereal?

    Guilty of this also! (Although only once and DH changed that poopy diaper and immediately told me "NO MORE FORMULA" as he held his nose.

    Adding to BM just won't work and isn't good for the LO. I...
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    Re: over feeding....

    I vote no...you can't overfeed a BF baby. (This said as I type holding my 14 week old who is 18.5 lbs / 8.4 kg!):yikes. She stops eating when she's done. I think of it as stocking up early for all...
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    Re: Flying with a 12 week old

    And another thing...

    My LO had an explosive diaper with takeoff and landing. Some babies do with plane pressure changes, some babies don't. Obviously a change of clothes is a must, but take a bag...
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    Re: Pumping hands free

    I ordered a bustier from easyexpression online that I use occasionally. It was recommended by a friend who used it all the time!
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    Re: going back to work next week...

    Each day all I could think about was that it was the longest day of my life. And I'm sure there was a rip in the time-space continuum making it the longest week EVER! Everyone at daycare says it gets...
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    Re: Calling all nursing nurses

    I'm here! Currently working 5 days / 8 hrs and just went back last week. I felt like I hadn't seen my daughter in a month by Friday night!

    I find it hard to break out and had a bit of difficulty...
  15. Re: Production Issues? Weight loss and frustration

    I agree with the fact that mom may not feel letdown - I didn't until about 2 mos of feeding.

    One of the things both of you can do when the LO has a lazy suck is to stimulate him a bit with...
  16. Re: Playtex drop-ins are melting, suggestions?

    I thought it might be the warmer also, but she tried the bottle in a different one (same type) and it still happened. I'm just glad it was only the bottle and not the liner too. All that lost milk...
  17. Re: Playtex drop-ins are melting, suggestions?

    I could try and see if they would warm and transfer. They just seem to want everything streamlined - bottles ready for warming, every baby has their own warmer. If this wasn't such a good DC...
  18. Re: Playtex drop-ins are melting, suggestions?

    They are using a "first years" bottle warmer that I had to take in - I tried it at home first and it worked okay. There's another baby there with the same bottles but the printed ones and hers have...
  19. Playtex drop-ins are melting, suggestions?

    My playtex drop-in bottles are melting when they are warmed at daycare. Has anyone else had this happen or does anyone know if the playtex nipples fit any other bottles? My LO has (finally) taken...
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    Re: going back to work next week...

    I thought DH might be overfeeding her too - he also thinks that mama's milk will solve anything. He just doesn't realize that it's the smell, touch/feel, and warmth that accompanies...
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    Re: Constant nipple pain...does it go away?

    I had a similar thing that lasted about 2 months. It was only on initial latch and stopped once she started feeding well - which made me dread the start! It eventually eased off and went away by the...
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    going back to work next week...

    I will be able to pump about every 3 hours or so. My issue is that my LO feeds about every 2 hours around the clock. I've looked at the chart on kellymom about how much to feed her based on average,...
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    Re: How often does your infant nurse>


    Although she's a very "healthy" 17 lbs as of yesterday (12 weeks)!:lol
  24. Re: What is a healthy weight range for a 6 week old baby?

    Mine was over 14lbs at 8 weeks and was 17 lbs yesterday (12 weeks) at the docs. Way over the 95%, but I LOVE her leg rolls!:love
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    Re: 20 days old and failing

    First -- congratulations on the new little one! I understand your frustration and I hope you get lots of helpful tips.

    I can identify with the painful part and truly had to set small goals for...
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