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  1. Re: Increase in comfort nursing causing me discomfort

    About the P.S, I ate A LOT when I was breastfeeding. I was hungry a lot. I also have hypoglycemia so I have to eat every few hours to keep my sugar levels up anyway.. so yes in answer to your...
  2. Re: making siblings vs. BFing longer

    I'd like to add that I have a few friends who have children about 2 years apart and they get along fine, one of my friends is even tandem nursing her kids. All of mine were exacly 3 years apart (not...
  3. Re: How to continue breastfeeding exclusively for 8 weeks ol

    Just as a side thought, I worked with a mom whose baby was gaining weight, although very slowly. Also taking 30-45 min to eat even at 4 months. Took her baby to a Dr. and diagnosed a lip tie. have...
  4. Re: Seriously need some advice from an experienced source!

    I read somewhere that using an article of mom's clothing on dad or whoever was watching/feeding the baby for the person to wear would help the baby take a bottle. Keep trying. My boss here at work...
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    Re: nursing to naps, pt. II

    Babies, as well as adults and children love sleeping with some kind of body warmpth beside them. We all sleep better I think when someone is near to us. I also had tried the sleeping and then sliding...
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    Re: what comes next

    As you had said before, my son didn't wake up one day and realize he's 1 and has to change his nursing habits. We did cut back to 3 feeds a day for a while, not really me, just sort of happened with...
  7. Re: Had to give my baby formula for the first time :(

    ITA with PP, that is WAY too much for a 2 month old! Does whoever watch your baby feed him every time he cries? I found out that my mom was doing just that when I was working. I couldn't keep up!
  8. Re: weanied off nipple shields - only on one side!

    I don't have too much experience with nipple shields, so I am sure someone else can offer more helpful advice, however maybe she is just used to using the nipple shield. Keep trying to feed without...
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    Re: Being a one-sided nurser

    I nursed on one side for 4 months with my son. When he turned 1 he wasn't nursing as much as he used to. My left always produced less anyway so I just breastfed on my right side. I was lopsided, but...
  10. Re: What if I'm not ready to wean but baby is?

    Don't worry, my son breastfed for months before he decided to wean. I night nursed him for about 4 months. As a side tip, I thought he was done too, but one night he was having trouble going to sleep...
  11. Re: Supply or teething?? Please help!

    If your baby was sleeping 7:30-7 he may have been hitting a growth spurt before and sleeping more often. He may be hitting a regular pattern now. Some babies do well with getting certain teeth in....
  12. Re: Very unusual nursing situation-need help!!

    I agree with PP, your LO will get confused if you offer the breast and bottle. I don't really have any advice as to why he goes back and forth b/t wanting and not wanting the breast. It could be...
  13. Re: When to let baby drink water?

    When my son was 6 mo my MIL gave him a bottle of water and I tell you that I panicked! She said "He's thirsty!" I told her my milk has enough water for him if he is thirsty. Water is not neccessary...
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    Re: Creating bad habits

    If you look at the scientific aspects, children who have their needs met quickly when they are infants, form developmentally better than children left to "cry it out" or not have their needs met as...
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    Re: My Story

    The first thing that popped in my head is that your LO misses you being gone. You went from being his comfort constantly, to being substituted for a plastic bottle, even though it is wonderful that...
  16. Re: 14 month old + nipple pain...Is it Yeast?

    Sometimes thrush doesn't always appear in places we would think it would be. It could be thrush. However when my son was nursing at 14 mo his latch changed and it was hard to breastfeed him on my...
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    Re: first poop?

    See if you can get a hold of a scale that measures how much he is taking in at a feeding. They can weigh, then you feed and then weigh again to see exactly how much he gets per feeding. As a side...
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    Re: Thrush? Growth Spurt? Help!

    You've been through a lot already momma! Way to go so far! It def sounds like thrush. You need to go to a Dr. Thrush doesn't always appear as white patches on the mouth. They can be on the tongue or...
  19. Re: Putting 10-week old to sleep

    I agree with LLLmeg. I couldn't go to bed that early. I would just have in my mind that he/she was ready for a nap. Sometimes they would sleep for 2 hrs or so, but sometimes less or longer....
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    Re: Egorgement after 11 weeks

    As far as the engorement issue, I went through that with my kids when they started sleeping longer at night. I would pump in the morning to relieve the fullness, but not so much that they were soft....
  21. Re: advice wanted - slow weight gain

    If her diaper out put is good and she is nursed on demand, seems content between feeds, I wouldn't really be concerned. I know it is hard when your LO is so little, but maybe try to relax and feed a...
  22. Re: 1 wk old, not opening wide enough

    Sorry you are having trouble! I would encourage a lot of skin to skin. They have found that babies who have never breastfed (even months old) latched and ate perfectly when doing skin to skin....
  23. Re: Not Sure Where to Go From Here

    I wanted to add a few things to what the others recommended, do you have a WIC office where you live? You don't have to be on WIC to get your baby weighed. Most of them have a baby weigh scale that...
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    Re: Ahhh, my head!!

    If this makes you feel any better, my son spit up everyday for 10 months. I burped him a lot, but I think I just have a fast flow and I make a lot of milk. My babies were always very huge w/ lots of...
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    Re: Bad poop!

    Formula can cause bowel discomfort. When do you notice the green frothy poops? Everyday or only after gma has him? If it is after gma has him, I would try to kindly tell her that he has been having...
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