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    7 month old hates nursing

    So, my 7 month old son hates nursing :cry

    We've always had problems. In a nut shell- latching, nipple shield, more latching probs without nipples shield, gets the latching down but I have...
  2. 16 weeks with GERD- giving up nursing?

    I've had issues nursing my son since day one, but I was determined! After 6 weeks of a nipple shield, and 4 more weeks learning to latch, thrush, and forceful letdown, we finally figured it out by...
  3. Breastfeeding getting worse- feeling defeated

    My son is a few days shy of 3 months and within the last week breastfeeding has gotten really difficult again. I've posted before about other things but just wanted to do a quick recap- 6 weeks of...
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    Re: Baby won't take letdowns

    Yes, that's what he's doing. Ok, thank you!
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    Re: Horrible breastfeeding experience!

    I feel your pain! I don't have any input on the pumping what wanted to offer my encouragement. I had a ton of problems with latching and nipple shield at first. My son is 11 weeks and only within...
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    Baby won't take letdowns

    I just have a quick question- is it okay that my son doesn't take my letdowns? He's 11 weeks and he has never taken them. I do have a bit of an oversupply issue, but even when I didn't (before...
  7. Re: 11 wks, sudden fighting at breast, oversupply?

    Thank you for the info, mommal! Yes, baby is accessible to me during the day. I took your advice and just tried to feed him during lunch, but he ended up falling asleep on me, haha. I will try...
  8. 11 wks, sudden fighting at breast, oversupply?

    Hello! My son is 11 weeks old and we have made a lot of progress with breastfeeding. We've had a lot of problems with it since he was born, but about two weeks ago we finally got him latching well...
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    Need help using nipple shield

    Does anyone have any tips that make using a nipple shield easier? Here's why I'm asking..

    I'm a first time mom and my son is 5 weeks old today. I've always planned on bf him but he had a lot of...
  10. Latching problems and LONG feelings- help!

    Hello, I'm new to LLLI! My son is 4 weeks old (he's my first), and he's had latching issues since day one. I have short/semi-flat nipples and he was born at 37 weeks and was 5 lb 12 oz. he wasn't...
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