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    Re: Feeding from one breast only

    We had t he same problem for a while. I would put him on the one side just to satisfy his initial hunger, then i'd switch him over to get some more time in on the weaker side.

    After I weaned DS1,...
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    Re: cleaning pump at work

    Yup, that's what I did. I would just put it in some type of plastic covering so that lint or anything else from your bag or storage can't get stick in the horns and stuff. Good luck with pumping at...
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    Re: 1 year old not not eating

    I wouldn't worry about it. DS1 was the exact same way- he only ate a few bites of solid food by the time he was 18 months, but nursed like fiend. This behaviour continued until about 2 and then he...
  4. Re: What does it mean to be "going strong" with nursing at age one?

    that sounds normal to me. I work during the day, so my LO (who is 13 months) takes 2 bottles during the day, and then nurses about 3 times when I get home and 2-3 times overnight.

    It was very...
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    Re: Question about lochia...

    I had some red in the AM for nearly all 6 weeks. Like the pps said, i think it is just a sign to go a little easy on yourself. It stopped and then came back until like 8 weeks- As long as it's not a...
  6. Re: Which Bottles are best for BF babies...

    We like the MAM bottles- wide base, kind of rectangular shaped nipple, much like my own look after he nurses. ...
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    Blood Blister

    I'll make it short and sweet!
    Had a cracked nipple when I started nursing DS2. Followed the recommendations on Kellymom for how to heal it - light pump only, salt water rinse, coat with BM to kill...
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    Re: selling breast milk?!!

    I wasn't suggesting that mom's who donate are looking for something in return, I was just saying they probably get little thank you gifts when donating directly to a family. Like the paper boy at...
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    Cold remedies for baby :(

    Ok...so I'm over it now and he's got it! It's so sad when he coughs- his little tongue sticks out and he hacks away for a few seconds and then tears roll down his face...

    He's not at all hungry...
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    Re: selling breast milk?!!

    I would bet that moms who donate their milk to a specific individual receive some kind of compensation, even if it is not "paying for the milk". I just couldn't imagine anyone giving me milk for my...
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    Re: Cold Remedies???

    Alright- it's a couple of days later and I'm feeling much better. I ended up taking Tylenol Cold right before bed and I think that the one good night of sleep really helped.

    Also, I had forgotten...
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    Re: routines, # of feedings, etc.

    My LO is 10 weeks- and he wakes up around 5am to eat then eats again at 11am and 3pm while I am at work. He also sleeps a good portion of that time. When I get home, I nurse him every hour/hour and a...
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    Cold Remedies???

    Hi Guys.
    I've been MIA for a few weeks now since i've been back to work. Sunday I was hit by a nasty cold and I've been able to tolerate it so far with just menthol cough drops, some Vicks and hot...
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    Re: How many times do you nurse per day?

    I'm not sure the correlation exists for everyone. My 8 week old eats only 6 times a day and my supply is through the roof. I feed him 4 times and pump twice at work and when I pump for 15 minutes, I...
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    Re: nursing often enough?

    Yeah, I had this same problem about 2 weeks ago (and I guess I still do...). DS is 7 weeks old and he sleeps way too well (I know, what a curse, right?!) Anyway, he goes to bed around 10pm, wakes up...
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    Re: How to Prevent Freezer Burn?

    I was thinking this same thing yesterday as I was freezing a bag- yeah, there's always a few little air bubbles! This happened when I was pumping milk for my older son too- and he drank it all just...
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    Re: Opinions - Sorry its long...

    My younger son (now 7 weeks) was throwing up blood also because of my cracked nipples- and we had him to the ER once too because we didn't know what it was! I wanted to share the remedy that worked...
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    Re: Milk coming out of nose?!?

    It happened once or twice with my older son- I think it has to do with laying down and swllowing and it can push some in to their nose. I wasn't worried about it, though.
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    Re: how much should b pumped?

    My LO is 7 weeks and takes about 3.5-4oz per feeding. If you want to make sure he has enough pumped milk you can just pump an extra time duriing the day, and after a few days you will catch up and...
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    Re: Business Trip w/o Baby

    The night before you leave to come home, ask the concierge at the hotel to freeze the milk for you- that way you don't have to worry about it getting too warm. I jus tput it in a plastic bag with my...
  21. Re: Wont take a bottle - returning to work and scared!

    no, we never did a pacifier. but when DH went to pick out a bottle he got pacifiers in the same shape.

    Also, to piggy back the pp- i read somewhere- maybe on here or in the Dr Sears Baby Book that...
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    Re: Callin all cosleepers

    Still co-sleeping with our older son (31 months old), been doing it since day one. When he started to move, we just made sure he was between us.
    I wish I could bring the baby to bed, but I just...
  23. Re: Wont take a bottle - returning to work and scared!

    I just went back to work today (DS is 7 weeks) and we were having the same problem for the last 2 weeks trying to ge thim to take a bottle. We just kept trying different ones until he finally took...
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    Re: A random observation

    CLW is great, but some kids will need gentle encouragement I'm sure. Never had to do it because Mohamed weaned all on his own when I was about 38 weeks pregnant with DS2. Surprisingly enoug, he...
  25. Re: Any of you working moms pump for your kids over 1yo while they are at sitter's?

    I pumped for DS until he was about 20 months old and I sent it with him to daycare. They rolled their eyes at me for a while until I told them that it was no different than kids with allergies who...
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