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    Post-weaning question

    Hi all. I weaned Dd2 a month ago. I just noticed that im producing a clear-ish gold-ish fluid in both breasts. Im wondering how long it takes to 'dry up' or if i should be considering this a possible...
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    Re: Adjusting nursing for solids..

    I never bothered with only feeding solids after nursing. Both DDs typically nursed at 430/5 ish, dinner at 545/6ish and then nursed again before going down for bed at 7. Never seems to have caused us...
  3. Re: Abscess Anyone? Nursing Bras. Lopsided.

    For online bra shopping, I'd recommend birthandbaby.com and breakoutbras.com. Both have had excellent over the phone support for me trying to find options for myself (34 (F, FF, G) depending on...
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    Re: Causes of nipple pain

    Thanks. I looked into thrush but it don't think so? I'm wondering about teething, as dd2 has had teething rash, but I've not had lingering discomfort when she's has teething rash in the past. I'm...
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    Causes of nipple pain

    Hi all

    So DD2 will be a year next week. For the past 10ish days, ive had mild nipple pain. I got a negative hpt so now im trying to think what could be going on :confused:
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    Re: Clicking noise during feeding?

    Its also worth remembering that if its not affecting your latch (causing pain, damage, etc), then its not something to be worried about.
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    Re: Best breast pads?

    I knitted myself some wool breast pads and love them. It doesn't itch my skin. I typically avoid wool sweaters because of the itch factor but the merino wool really is different. Oh, and ive had OALD...
  8. Re: New nipple pain at 6 wks, also clicking/breaking suction

    I had significant clicking issues with DD1, less so with DD2. What i finally learned was that its only a problem if its causing problems. With DD1 it was a problem because she'd lose her latch and...
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    Re: Cup feeding

    I think the overfeeding is more a function of the feeder? Trying to get baby to finish a bottle rather than stopping when baby is actually full. I don't think 4/5 month olds have enough dexterity to...
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    Re: Argh, this isn't fun anymore

    We got a toy with a big suction cup on it that DD1 couldn't remove from the tray. It was supposed to look like a horse so it had ribbon tags on its bum, some rattling balls in the middle, and it...
  11. Re: Trying to stay strong and stick to my guns!

    I understand :) My point, though, is that people need to talk a bit further and not simply get hung up on the word 'schedule'. Lots of people don't know how LLL uses the two words differently. I've...
  12. Re: Trying to stay strong and stick to my guns!

    I just want to throw this out there: when someone says 'schedule' do you actually ask them what they mean?

    I do a baby-led routine/schedule... Depending which term my brain recalls in the moment,...
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    Re: craniosacral therapy??

    Clicking often goes along with OALD and is only a problem when associated with a latch issue... Wish I'd know that with dd1. Would have spared me some anxiety. The local LC didn't know about that so...
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    Re: Baby hardly pooping

    I'm seconding what mommal said... I found both dd1 and dd2 changed poop habits a few times in the 4-8 week timeframe. The books do say 6 weeks but that is a guideline. If your babe is otherwise...
  15. Re: Damaged nipple, continuing to feed, advice?

    I had cracks that took atleast a month or two to heal. It helped me to change positions every so often so that it would "rest" the damaged area. I also found an 'all purpose nipple ointment' similar...
  16. Re: Good nursing bra for big breasts?

    Anita makes some good larger sized bras (I'm an f/ff/g depending on the brand). I wore one of their soft cup/no wire bras (#5062) for the first couple months and now am wearing a underwired 5035 as...
  17. Re: Hiccups all the time....help please

    Our dd2 hiccups alot. I noticed it a bit in later pregnancy, but she does it plenty now too. She's a little furnace so it's not because she's cold either. Now I think it has more to do with me having...
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    Re: going away for a weekend ???

    Personally, I think a couple nights away without your LO is a good idea. DH and I knew that we were going to be away from dd1 when I went into labour, likely for a few nights, so we used a couple...
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    Waking to feed

    Hi all
    Any thoughts on waking a baby to feed? Dd2 is nearly 6 weeks, and colicky but otherwise healthy (good gain, normal pee & poop). Most nights she's hungry after a first 4 hr sleep and then...
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    Re: Nursing Bra help

    I'm a 34 F/FF/G depending on branding and how far into nursing I am. Normally being a DDD to F, I hate hate hate not wearing an underwired bra. I put up with wireless bras for the first 2-3 months...
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    So we're at 3 weeks and DD2 seems to be starting into colic... Not absolutely sure that it is colic, though.

    She's doing well with lots of wet diapers and lots of yellow seedy poopy diapers. If...
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    Re: Car travel and nursing: tips?

    I got DD#1 used to nursing in the car (we didn't NIP normally because i sprayed milk everywhere :lol) so she was pretty good at nursing nearly anywhere we drove. If you're worried about distraction,...
  23. Re: Mom/baby separation after csection

    But this is my point: The midwife or attending physician has to consent to, and remain continually with, the mother and infant until such time as the mother is deemed ready to go to post-partum. The...
  24. Re: Mom/baby separation after csection

    For sure, and that's why with our hospital if baby is not healthy, as confirmed by a pediatrician in the OR while placenta/stitching/etc is being done, then no way will that baby be released. It's IF...
  25. Re: Mom/baby separation after csection

    I find this interesting because it was a mother who refused to allow her CS-born twins to be taken away from her that finally pushed our hospital to start keeping healthy CS-born newborns in the OR...
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