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    Re: Pumping & Washing

    Thanks ladies! This helps.:clap

    Jessica - I have seen a LC several times and we solved the latch problems, but I was so discouraged by the weight issues with my babies that now I feel like the...
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    Pumping & Washing

    I'll try to be brief. I have 6 week old twins and due to major latch problems and nipple rawness, started pumping at around 2 weeks. Then due to weight gain issues & supply issues I also began...
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    Re: silly question about peanuts

    Good question. I had the same one. When I was home with my DD I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch everyday. I started to get concerned, though, because of all the issues with peanut...
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    Re: Are we doing alright?

    I can't believe that doctor told you that. What an idiot.
    My oldest (now 8 years old) was breastfed for 19 months and never drank cow's milk. For me, it wasn't because of the hormones and stuff,...
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    Re: Possible blood in expressed milk

    I just went through the same thing and in a few days of antibiotics I felt 100% better. One awesome tip I found for the mastitis - for the warm, moist compresses, instead of using a washcloth, use a...
  6. Re: Why are health care professionals so ignorant sometimes?

    Well - here's an update for you... and it ties to your comment, EmmaLeigh. I just found out I'm pregnant (with #4 - BIG GULP!) We were not trying (but also not taking any artificial birth control...
  7. Re: Why are health care professionals so ignorant sometimes?

    Thanks guys:hug

    (Andrea) No new bra, but I did spend a lot of time in a swimsuit this past (Labor Day) weekend. The suits didn't have underwire and I don't think they were too tight, but maybe...
  8. Why are health care professionals so ignorant sometimes?

    Here is my vent. On Monday night this week, I started to feel like I was getting a clogged duct/mastitis. It was surprising to me b/c DD is 17 months old and I really thought clogged ducts was...
  9. Re: Help -baby thinks I'm a human pacifier!

    Thanks, everyone. It does feel good to know that I'm not the only one going through this, (especially Mom04 & bbeam)!:hug
    She has had some change in her life recently (besides the teething) -- at...
  10. Help -baby thinks I'm a human pacifier!

    I am so frustrated right now. I apologize in advance for the long post.
    My DD is almost 17 months old. I've EBF and she sleeps with me and DH. I've spent the last 2 hours (like almost every...
  11. Re: help! nursing mother going back to work

    My daughter Gabi was the same. She didn't like bottles (at all) and I was so scared when I had to go back to work at 12 weeks. There was wasted breast milk in the beginning (which killed me!!...
  12. Re: Confused about baby thrush and don't trust these doctors help!

    I haven't used Monistat for my nipples but I have used Lotrimin AF (it's actually for Athlete's foot which is kinda weird, but it has worked for me and my pediatrician recommended it so I think it's...
  13. Re: The Misadventures of GigantiBoob (incredibly long, but I tell a good story! :))

    Great story. I've been there too. But for me that engorged feeling happens a lot less frequently after about 6 months.

    Okay - this may sound bad and this may be TMI - but when this has happened...
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    Re: thrush question

    go to the pediatrician first. he/she may be able to prescribe the nystatin cream for you. (mine did)
  15. Re: So much milk & sore nipples..... :-(

    We have all been there!! This is just the beginning and while breastfeeding is "natural" it can be so "unnatural" to get the hang of it. This is new for you AND for your baby.

    Your milk supply...
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    Re: Weaning & Co-sleeping

    I can't believe you've only gotten one reply! I'm in the same situation and would love to get some advice.

    My first child was weaned at 19 months. Part of the reason I nursed so long is b/c I...
  17. Re: Do you and your LO have a special song

    my LO loves "Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho and other Hawaiian music. My husband created a playlist for her on the computer and he just sits with her in his arms and she falls asleep listening to her songs.
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    Re: Breastfeeding Etiquette

    I've done it all - I've asked permission to make sure the people I was with wouldn't be uncomfortable (I agree with a PP that said that it sometimes calls more attention to you when you ask). I've...
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    Re: help! Jaws lives here!

    A few tips - my daughter is only 8 months old but already has 3 teeth and she has bitten me (hard!) a few times. What I noticed is that she never bites when she is actively nursing, it's only when I...
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    Re: Wearing a bra??

    I know what you mean... I too wear a bra 24/7, but in my case I actually do it for comfort. (when I'm braless my breasts feel too heavy and I hate when they feel sweaty underneath! :eek: ) Bras have...
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