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    Re: baby acne or allergies

    I just wanted to add something else that I've made a note of between my own 2 boys. Deven, my first, got baths just about every day. He had TERRIBLE baby acne. Now with Skyler, my second, I've...
  2. Constipation/Hard stools in my 9 month old

    My (almost) 9 month old has been eating solids since about Christmas. I've been giving him whole foods, not pureed jared foods. He eats asparagus, kiwi, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, green...
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    Re: He gets mad at the spoon anymore!

    Thank you so much! The oatmeal idea is a wonderful one! I currently make up a few days worth and then warm it as needed, so it's already in the fridge! Guess my little one might be having his...
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    He gets mad at the spoon anymore!

    My son is 8 months old and I haven't been very diligent at introducing solids. The past 2 days he's been having oatmeal for lunch and has been having a bowl of oatmeal with us a dinner time every...
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